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Friday, April 24, 2015

Breaking News: ExoClick Bans Publisher Accounts for No Reason

Whether you are an Advertiser looking for a new source of traffic or a Publisher that is looking to generate more revenue, is your solution!

This is the moto of on twitter. 

ExoClick is most of the most successful internet advertisements companies in the world, yet ExoClick is one of the most greedy, unloyal and unethical company I have ever worked with. ExoClick should be sued soon.

After having almost 200$ on my ExoClick account, I couldn't login for no reason:

Note that I have never engaged myself in any click-fraud, ever. 98% of my traffic was organic. And I receive provide 100,000 monthly daily impressions for exoclick.

I have 200$ in my account, I was banned without any reason. Apparently, exoclick bans members without any reason, this not the first time, this is how exoClick works, take a look.

Exoclick bans your account if you send traffic from low-paying countries, yes it is true. Here are the evidence I found online:

Case 1: Exoclick banned this user's account because "the clicks aren't worth much".

Case 2: Banning without reason

Case 3: Banning without reason

And so on...

Exoclick should be avoided and not used. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The most efficient way to delete all rows of a table in phpmyadmin

The most efficient way to delete all rows from phpmyadmin or from the mysql command line is obviously using Empty the table (TRUNCATE) from phpmyadmin (or the command TRUNCATE).

If you attempt to delete all rows using normal mysql queries, your database is more likely going to freeze and the server might crash also from memory outage.

The "Delete data or table" box can be found from the "Operations" tab. Make sure you select TRUNCATE to delete all the rows. Using DROP will get rid of the table itself, which is a rare thing to do.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The best way to redirect a page using php

There are possibly 101 ways to redirect a page from a php script, but mostly and most importantly there is one famous method which is the most efficient, the fastest and the safest solution which is:



That's it, you only have to change the url in the code into the url you would like to redirect to.

You also need to make sure that you don't echo any variables before you do the redirect, otherwise you will get an error. 

For more detailed information, check this answer on

Monday, March 16, 2015

Solution for file_get_content returning gibberish content

In case you're looking for the solution and you don't care about the coding, it is in bold red.

Recently, I wanted to use StackExchange API where I wanted to extract some data for some purposes. I decided to use the file_get_contents method. But, surprisingly, all I could get was gibberish content with weird characters.

The code I was using was this:

echo $html =  file_get_contents("");

Really simple and straight to the point, just one line of code.  What I would get surprisingly is something like this:

‹ •’ÁŽ›0 †_ÅòaO H€ ¢½TªÔK«öÐCU!ÇLÀ ØÔ B¢h¥¾F_¯OÒ1$Û½ö6öÌ|3ÿo߸Bè /¿Ý8ŠÆ ¼ ]ƒåß n&MAyã † *£y¹Î¶ ØJÕ¼ÜdI‘ßÏx €—TÜ(‡`¡æ ¬9ª *Õ‹Æ'[ÄÁ•Q4MÓª±â,PØ•4}´„Q²‹óÝ6_ïdždñq—¦Ûc½Ž‹x› ùñ ŸÝ~½ÉŸê½ªA£’F?Ùý§÷4©VnèĵҢ÷ƒ>à ¤ ìÊ}A£ÁQI§ôé¾ ­àN0 Á­ y‚‹l…n`^ÆËqѬ-² (ü º…ó på*¡Ý4k,ÑŽ 𳂩’fÔè-*’€/ ¯w wÒXZmMa' VB¢:+¼Vµ@Ÿn¶Y’ ù+-Ìv¿M­7YJ©Ÿ#¸95Û¿‹Óâ?„=šIœïŒj . !ZZvy÷p2½Ð¡Ò¡é®ý D8 ×*ݐøЂ u†ðhH Cb’éJ#Q f$QaçýGd&Ø 2›ÉLiöq! ìë+šÝÑìfÿÐÌ£‘ kª¡ \ ãF …-x.è?¿~;æZC–Sƒ®YgH»eÖ˜þ™¿Ðon…«úù Ž¢sà4(ª^\x™Äñãl¡§©´•w7ù qUb_"

So, I looked everywhere on my server and on the internet and I couldn't find a solution. It turns out the lines above you see aren't gibberish, they are gzip encoded data.  The proof was simple, just try to run this code


You will see this:

Array ( 
[0] => HTTP/1.1 200 OK 
[1] => Cache-Control: private 
[2] => Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 
[3] => Content-Encoding: gzip 
[4] => Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * 
[5] => Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, POST 
[6] => Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: false 
[7] => X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff 
[8] => Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 23:41:57 GMT 
[9] => Content-Length: 511 

Aha, the fourth element of the array is gzip as you see. The solution is to do the following:

$html = file_get_contents(""); 
echo gzinflate(substr($html,10,-8));

Now, this will definitely work, I guarantee, this is what I got:

{"items":[{"tags":["gender"],"owner":{"reputation":161,"user_id":25398,"user_type":"registered","profile_image":"","display_name":"Rebecca J. Stones","link":""},"is_answered":true,"view_count":1644,"answer_count":1,"score":12,"last_activity_date":1426534996,"creation_date":1426512546,"question_id":27049,"link":"","title":"Does a transgender woman in Olympia, Washington receive frequent complaints about indecent exposure in the women’s showers and locker room?"}],"has_more":false,"quota_max":300,"quota_remaining":272}

What does this mean?

We you use a famous, overused PHP function like file_get_contents() to fetch a remote webpage, it doesn't send any http headers by default! The remote server's job is to check if you (the requester of the data, aka your server) supports compression over http (known as HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING).

Now it is very likely that no headers were sent with your request, the server shouldn't have replied with gzip encoded data, but they are doing so. So, it is StackExchange API fault a bit. 

Anyhow, you got your solution now, let me know in the comments if you still have a problem!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Do not set timeout in httpd.conf to 0 (ZERO)

Apache, the most popular web server on the planet, is mainly configured by placing directives in plain file httpd.conf !

In httpd.conf you will find  in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf by default this:

# Timeout: The number of seconds before receives and sends time out.
Timeout: 60

Do not ever think that by replacing 60 to 0 you will have unlimited timeout for recieves and sends!

By placing it to 0, you will prevent your server from sending any file to your server (mp4, css, js or anything). In other words, no resources will be accessible from your server.

If you have set it to 0 once like I do, you should revoke it and restart your server.

You can set it to 9999 if you desire but never 0.

For useful up-to-date information you may see this.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to block Pirate Kings requests on facebook

Two years ago, it was Candy Crush, you get excited for a facebook notification and it turns out there is another annoying notification for Candy Crush. I would consider it literally spam, I hate it how facebook is allowing app developers to spam us with those notifications. People should not waste their time playing with addictive, useless, games like Candy Crush.

Now, it is time for the new worthless app of the year: Pirate Kings. This how you how to block all notifications of Pirate Kings from your facebook.

Fast solution: Log in to your facebook, go to, scroll down to the part where it says Block Apps, and add the useless app Pirate Kings.

Detailed solution (for dummies):

Step 1: Click on this arrow, and go to settings.

Step 2: Click on blocking. It should be listed on the left-panel under the facebook logo.

Step 3: Go to block apps, if you have blocked apps already you should see them listed.

Step 4: Add the pirate kings app. It will add automatically. Refresh browser and you're done.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dailymotion Cloud is retiring (And why it failed)

As of April 26, 2014, Dailymotion Cloud is going to suicide and the service will be permanently dead. There is no doubt that Dailymotion Cloud failed rigidly, and hardly. I've been a customer for a couple of months, and I can safely say Dailymotion Cloud's service was an expensive, with poor support, and unprofessional.

I've read on their websites, that they won't pay back any money back already paid for Dailymotion Cloud.

This is the message posted on forums:

As of April 12, 2015, the Dailymotion Cloud service will no longer be provided as a stand-alone solution. However, all Cloud customers can now join the Partner Program and get access to powerful features for free based on Dailymotion's expertise : live encoding with DVR and recording, advanced audience and revenue statistics, video editing tools, and so much more.

Apparently, their Partner Program offered a similar service and it was all for free. However, having your videos posted on their Partner Program is not different than having your videos hosted on YouTube Partner Program.

But, free is not always free here, DailyMotion owns your videos and monetizes them through Google Adsense.

DailyMotion is still a video tube, not so different than YouTube (it can be called a clone of YouTube, of course without including YouTube's design).

Google is still indeed always a winner, since they monetize their YouTube clone with Google ads too. 

If you own a tube site, self-hosted is always a better solution for independence, and better search engine optimization. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Why any service with the word "Cloud" is EPIC

A stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things. And one new stereotype which I started to believe is that any service with the word Cloud in it would be definitely an epic and awesome service. I'll start by giving somes example.

1. CloudFlare
I would be no surprise to say that CloudFlare is one of the greatest CDNs ever existed in the history. For you can use it by paying literally nothing, it can filter out hundreds of attacks against, as well as displaying Google Analytics on every page and giving you analytics. CloudFlare caches all of your content (small static files) for free, and it also speeds up your website by 60%. Their interface is the of the simplest interfaces I have ever seen. CloudFlare is amazing.

2. Cloudinary
Cloudinary would be one of the most famous Image Management platforms ever. What would Cloudinary do is that host all of your images on Akamaii, the top image provider (used by Facebook). Cloudinary has easy-to-absorb API, with SDKs for most programming language. Cloudinary automatically optimizes your photos and you can crop, and manipulate your photo just by changing the link. Without also forgetting, the cute dashboard offered by cloudinary. In short, they make your life easier and their support is amazing also. They have a monthly free plan which would suit any startup.

3. Cloudfront
Cloudfront would be one of the most famous services of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a company
created by Amazon. Amazon Web Services is indeed the leading cloud (and infrastrucuture) provider and their professional Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cloudfront would take the top. You can get started in 60 seconds, and guess what? The limit is only the sky. You can use as many bandwidth as you like. On their prices page, they even put prices for 5PB (1,000,000 TB) of bandwidth.

4. DailyMotion Cloud
While I criticized them in a previous post and I wasn't happy as a customer. DailyMotion Cloud is very appealing Video Cloud Host. They host and encode millions of videos since 2005 and they stream more than 2 billion videos per month. Their cloud based video infrastructure is designed to suite any size of video library. The only problem is that their prices are extremely expensive.

5. iCloud
While every three days one news agency claim that it has been hacked, iCloud is one appealing service offered by Apple.  You can save your iPhone backups, contacts, mail, calendar, settings, pages, there. Apple has been aggressive protecting the security of iCloud after the claims that iCloud has been hacked and it leaked nude pictures of celebrities. Look at the source code in Chrome (view-source: Indeed, I wouldn't blame Apple for protecting the security of iCloud. I personally do not like hackers.

Indeed, in our new age of internet spread, with the billions of page views giving to adult websites, and the trillions of search queries sent to google search engine yearly, cloud services are becoming more and more inevitable - all to entertain, serve, or inform the masses.

Know any other service with the world "Cloud" it below, state it in a comment.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Display your visitor's country's name and flag picture

Hello, you are from !

Your country's flag image is !

Wait, how did I know that? It's pretty simple. I used a small script.

Do you wish to add this to your websites? Many online services make it a hassle to actually let you display the visitor's flag and country number. It has never been so easy and free, thanks to You can do it now easily through those steps. All you have to do is copy paste the script.

For the flag , copy this code to your blog: 
<script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>

For the country name , copy this code to your blog: 
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

It is as easy as 1 2 3, just copy paste it in between your sentences and it will work.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to turn off analytics in free JWPlayer 6

If there is one absolute truth out in this world, it would be: "Nothing Is Free". Yes, nothing is ever free. ".  If something is out there offered for you without having to pay anything it doesn't mean it is for free. It does mean one thing: 

You're not a customer, you're the product. The customers are the advertisers. 

The saying goes with Google, Facebook and Skype product, Free iOS apps, anything for you can ever get for free. And of course JWPlayer tops the list. JWPlayer is the world's second  most powerful player ever released online, and it is available for download without having to pay money (not for free).  The best player in the world is of course YouTube's Flash and HTML5 player but you can't use independently. 

I'm not against those companies making billion of dollars of profit from advertisements, their product are worth it, like Google products, I can't live without them. But, the real problem comes when they offer products for free and make them dependent to their services. What does it mean?

If you get JWPlayer for free, the player won't load without having to get some signature from JW Player. The signature includes loading javascript files from like (jwpsrv_frq.js and jwpsrv_frq.js) and pinging .gif  which seems to get analytics that you don't care about.

When the player opens on an end-user’s browser, and if for any reason it cannot reach the JW CDN, it will fail to produce a working player. Instead the end-user will be confronted with:

"Could not load plugins: File not found".

People would normally have player not loading if they're testing the player offline. If someone cannot have access to JW CDN for example, it will not load.

People would ask on forums:
Customer – How to turn off analytics with JW6.7
JW Player – It can be disabled with the enterprise player.

How do I disable analytics? is equivalent to how do I make my player independent from your annoying JW CDN? 

And you can't do it easily.

These points have been made in the context of the “free-edition”.  In a perverse logic, they want you to pay 300$ a year to remove the functionality that you didn’t want in the first place.

Having not stating that clearly, it seems that JW Team are not respecting and re-engaging with their customers, they are not fixing their code and are not being honest about their motivations.

For this reason I created this tutorial telling you how to actually turn off analytics in the free version of JWPlayer 6. The process is a bit pain in the ass, but it's not difficult at all. There are four parts (A, B, C and D) , I'll try to simplify them as much as I can. 

PART A: Get information about the dependency, and host the js files of yourself!

Step 0:  Make sure you backup everything so that you won't cause a lot of damage.

Step 1: Make sure you have a working JW Player 6 player (capable using both Flash and HTML5).

Step 2: Get the link a page working normally with JW Player (eg,

Step 3: Make sure you're using Google Chrome browser. 

Step 4: Go to

Step 5: Paste the URL in the box and click on Test Now. 

Step 6: Paste the URL in the box and click on Test Now. 

Step 7: Wait for the testing to finish.

Step 8: Using Ctrl+F (Or Cmd+F), search for

Step 9: Make sure you see something like this. 

Step 10: Now, what you have to understand is the player will never (ever) load without those two files, so the solution would be not to get rid of them, but to host them yourself.

Step 11: Now go to your server, and create the "exact" same directories of the two files above (on the main directory of your website. For example, since my site is and I'm using JW Player 6.8.  I would create a folder, name it 6 and another folder inside 6, called folder 8. In the end I would have: as a main directory of my website.

(If I was using  JWPlayer 7, the directory might have been, so make sure you have the same directories or else it won't work).

Step 12: Save each file, like using Right Click --> Save Link As

Step 13: Place them respectively in the directory. In my case, I would place:
jwpsrv.js in
jwpsrv_frq.js in

Step 14: Download from my website. Don't worry, the gif is a safe dummy (1x1 in size) which will used later to prevent any analytics from being sent to JW Player. 

Step 15: Place the file in your main site directory. If you site is, the file would have to load from:

PART B: You're not done yet. Now you have to edit the files saved on your server which are jwpsrv.js jwpsrv_frq.js and jwplayer.js.

Step 1: Make sure you're self-hosting the jwplayer.js 

Step 2: Open the file jwplayer.js which should be on your server, so that you'd be able to edit it.

Step 3: Using Ctrl+F (Or Cmd+F), to search for

Step 4: You should see something like this
{var a=""+e.version.split(/\W/).splice(0,2).join("/")...

Step 5: Replace with your site, in my case: The final output would be:
{var a=""+e.version.split(/\W/).splice(0,2).join("/")...

Step 6: Open the file jwpsrv.js which should be on your server, so that you'd be able to edit it.

Step 7: Using Ctrl+F (Or Cmd+F), to search for

Step 8:
You should see something like this

Step 9: Replace with your site, in my case: The final output would be:

Step 10: This is very important! Clear your cache and make sure the new version of the files is loading from your server (if you're using a CDN like CloudFlare turn it off temporarily since it would be loading the old version of the .js files). 

Step 11: Save everything, and double-check, reload the player it should work now! Now still one last step to prevent analytics. (If it doesn't work, it means you did something wrong, re-check everything).

PART C: You're not done yet. Now you have to edit the files saved on your server which are jwpsrv.js jwpsrv_frq.js and jwplayer.js.

Step 1: Now, you have checked it, open the file jwpsrv.js another time, which should be on your server, so that you'd be able to edit it.

Step 2: Using Ctrl+F (Or Cmd+F), search for ping.gif. Here is the real deal now. 

Step 3: You should find two occurences. The first and second respectively looking like this:

this.D= "";this.I="";this.H="v1/playerconfig/ping.gif?";


Step 4: Now you have to use the a.gif you uploaded to your server, remember? If your site is, edit them in a manner looking like this:

this.D= "";this.I="";this.H="/a.gif?";


PART D: You're done, just double check everything in

Step 1: Make sure you're using Google Chrome browser. 

Step 2: Get the link a page working normally with JW Player (eg,

Step 3: Make sure you're using Google Chrome browser. 

Step 4: Go to

Step 5: Paste the URL in the box and click on Test Now. 
Step 6: Using Ctrl+F (Or Cmd+F), search for jwpcdn. You should find 0 occurrences! You site is not dependent on the greedy annoying JWCDN anymore! 

Step 7: Using Ctrl+F (Or Cmd+F), search for jwpltxYou should find 0 occurrences! You site is not dependent on the greedy annoying JWCDN anymore! 

Step 8: Using Ctrl+F (Or Cmd+F), search for ping.gifYou should find 0 occurrences! You site is not dependent on the greedy annoying JWCDN anymore! 

Step 9: Using Ctrl+F (Or Cmd+F), search for a.gif. You should see:

In gray you should see,

Step 10: You know what this is? It's the signature of jwplayer and the information "analytics" it sends from your website to their server! They player won't start without this file being sent, except now, its all going to your domain and nothing is being set to jwplayer.

I deeply hope you got that working like I did, if you're having errors you can post a comment and I'll catch up with you in short time. This tutorial is made for educational purposes only, I'm not responsible for any legal or technical damage you get using it, read my Terms of Use here


Monday, December 1, 2014

10 REASONS Blogger is better than WordPRess

Blogger is a blog-publishing service which allows user blogs with time-stamped entries only. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. 

Here are 10 simple reasons why Blogger is better than Wordpress:

1. Blogger is 100% free, wordpress isn't.

Blogger offers unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth and you can set up a domain for free, whereas in Wordpress you have to pay 100$ for a domain and you get only 13GB of storage. Literally. 

There isn't any single hidden payment feature in Blogger. Everything is 100% free with 100% uptime, whereas the hidden fees of Wordpress are unbelievable.

All the customizations in Blogger are offered for free, whereas most of customizations in Wordpress are paid. 

2. Blogger is easy to setup, wordpress isn't. 

It takes literally less than 5 minutes to set up your new blog with any default template provided by Google. This is astonishing and productive,  you can start posting and telling the world what you want in few minutes.  The options which Blogger asks you to set are limited to what is necessary. So, you don't have much of a headache figuring out which options to activate, and which to avoid.

WordPress is a much more complicated ~ it has a thousands of options and you will be spending thirty-five minutes trying to get them correct. The ironic part is that, most of these options aren't necessary, and they do not enhance your blogging experience in any way.  A wrong selection may result in your blog being invisible to Search Engines. 

3. Blogger is easy to customize, wordpress isn't. 

Blogger offers an extraordinary level of customization. You can actually edit the HTML code, if you have the required knowledge! That is very surprising,  it is very simple to customize every feature in your blog; every part of this template can be changed to suit your needs. You can edit the fonts, change the background color/image, add as many widgets as you like (even third-party widgets), and position them as you like. You can change the column widths and text color as per your wishes.

WordPress is the opposite. It gives you a huge selection of free templates (plus a number of premium ones), but you cannot customize any part of the template without paying for an upgrade. Widgets can be placed only where your chosen template allows you to.

4. On Blogger you make money from your ads, on Wordpress they make money from your ads 

When you feel your blog has enough traffic, you can sign up for an advertising account with Google, and will place a widget provided by Google, wherever you like and sit back. Google will place relevant ads in the space you have appointed and pay you for every click that it gets.

On, wordpress it is just the opposite. If you have a free account there, they will post their own advertisements in spaces they desire and make money from their ads.

5. On Blogger you are born SEO optimized, on wordpress you are not
Since, Blogger is owned by Google, it indexes Blogger blogs way much faster than the wordpress blogs. Not only this, Google automatically publishes your pages on Google+ if you desire. Blogger is also hosted by Google Cloud Computing;  thus the blogger platform is SEO optimized by default.  All you need to do is just modify few basic settings and your blog is ready for SEO. 

On WordPress, you need to install plenty of SEO Plugins to optimize it.

6. On Blogger you are highly secured, on Wordpress you are not
On, WordPress blogs are highly vulnerable. Even a small loophole can do a big damage to your years of hard work. 

Whereas, Blogger is hosted on Google Cloud Infrastructures, you won't be having any access to the database or the server ~ everything is extremely highly secured!

A blogger blog can only be compromised if your gmail account linked with your blogger blog is hijacked (or hacked)  which can easily be protected with a step-2 authentication.

7. Blogger offers official gadgets simply and for free whereas Wordpress doesn't

You can easily add gadgets like news, weather reports, currency converter, videos, slideshow, search box etc by a single click. You can place these gadgets where ever you want in your blog by changing their position by customizing layouts.

8. Blogger offers a production environment, WordPress doesn't
Wordpress really sucks as your forward facing production environment. If you're being self-hosted, even after weeks of production with you redesigned wordpress site, you might get racked up to 8 hours of downtime due to database failures. You might also have to pay Apache/PHP/Mysql fees monstrosity on Amazon EC2.

On Blogger, you don't have to worry about anything, literally. Nothing! 

9. WordPress can shut down your blog anytime, Blogger won't do it unless you violate their terms 

If you host your blog at, their Terms Of Service (TOS) very clearly states that “may terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.

Whereas Google says: "We may also take any of the above actions if we find that a user has created multiple blogs with the purpose of evading our policies or engaging in repeated abusive behavior. If you have had a blog disabled, do not create a replacement blog that engages in similar activity."

What kind of sorcery is this? 

You might think you run a squeaky-clean blog and that you'd never come close to a TOS violation, but do you really want to give  this WordPress that much control over your livelihood? Go with blogger instead. 

10. Free Spam Control

WordPress users have to pay for plugins which help in controlling Spam but this does not applies for blogger. Blogger has an inbuilt SPAM Controller which is very powerful. The inbuilt Spam controller automatically detects spam comments and removes them. So you don't have to bang you head reading SPAM comments, Blogger will take care of that.

BONUS (Extracted from wikipedia):
  • The Google Toolbar has a feature called "BlogThis!" which allows toolbar users with Blogger accounts to post links directly to their blogs.
  • "Blogger for Word" is an add-in for Microsoft Word which allows users to save a Microsoft Word document directly to a Blogger blog, as well as edit their posts both on- and offline. 
  • Blogger also started integration with Amazon Associates in December 2009, as a service to generate revenue.
  • Windows Live Writer, a standalone app of the Windows Live suite, publishes directly to Blogger.
  • Blogger can be optionally integrated with Google+.
  • Google+ comments can be integrated with blogger comments.
  • The Campaigns tab in Blogger dashboard links to Adwords making it easier to create ads.

There is no doubt that is the greatest weblog publishing tool online, this project will never fail. 


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Here's why you should NEVER use DailyMotion Cloud is YouTube's greatest competitior. It is one of the biggest video platforms in the world. is simply a copycat of the functionalities of YouTube with a different design, not more. The only difference is that DailyMotion is bombarded with four ads on each video while YouTube isn't.

DailyMotion was founded in March 2005 by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey, the site had its time, then on 10 January 2013 it was bought by Orange for 123 Million euro which equals to 150 million dollars

Soon, Orange launched the new product, Dailymotion Cloud, will let anyone upload and host their videos in a fully customizable video player. Dailymotion Cloud will basically handle everything from encoding to delivery, and includes support for DRM and advertising, as well as real-time analytics and the ability to syndicate to third-party video sites.

Great, right? Not really. I've tried Dailymotion Cloud for 4 months and I regret every single minute spent on this platform. Here's why you should never use it.

1. You will pay 10 times more than you should normally pay Yes, that's right. Any plan looks very expensive. If you look at the business plan, you would have to pay 750$ monthly to host 700 GB of storage and 7000 streaming hours which is almost equivalent to 1,050 GB of monthly bandwidth (assuming each hour costs 150 MB of streaming). This is more than expensive if you compare DailyMotion cloud to their competitors. Try to compare them to SproutVideo, you will see that with just 400$ you will get 3,200 GB of storage and 1,600 GB of bandwidth per month! Without forgetting also that Dailymotion Cloud is 10x more expensive that its competitors including WisitaViddler, and Brightcove.

2. Your website will slows your website with extra 6 seconds.
Based on my experience, Dailymotion Cloud slowed down my website load time with 6 seconds. (A website which loads more in than 2 seconds seconds is considered slow). It is cause by the thumbnails generated by DailyMotion cloud. Thumbnails are distributed from one location, not in any CDN, and connecting to any DNS would take 6 seconds. Here's a screenshot:  

Thumbnails are not cached also, it lowered my google pagespeed Insights rank:

3. Worst customer support in the world
Guess what happened when I messaged them about the thumbnails problem? 

    It took them 20 days to say this:

4. The DailyMotion Cloud player CEO will hurt you Google Rankings so bad.
Unlike any other video services, you will not the actual code of the player, only an iframe.  This is all you'll get:

According to this article,
The content in an iframe is not considered part of the parent page.
This would be pretty bad for any SEO purposes, Google might not consider your video as one of your page. If someone embeds your video, ranks higher not your webiste, this would be extremely harmful to your website.

5. Your videos won't get any buffering bar.
They use adaptive streaming which is some new technology, however users will not get any buffering bar, even if they have a slow internet connection.

In conclusion, there is no reason to use Dailymotion Cloud. There are trillions of alternatives.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to fool Google+ and get your exact username!

Usernames are serious business, they're your identity and your presence online. Celebrities and companies buy their username on hundreds of social media websites to pick their identity and prevent confusion. For example, you can find "Google" on, and The username-picking game is a pain-in-the-ass if someone else has picked your username, a username such as or is not appealing. It has became a simple name-picking game! Some people and organizations push further to buy their trademarks and claim their usernames through some e-lawsuits.

So, today morning, the search giant informed me that my profile is eligible for a username. Yeeyy! As I rushed to pick my exact username georgechalhoub and not georgechalhoub1, mrs. Google breaks down the news.

"Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page."

No, no and no! I'm sorry Google but I want my own unique username. I don't care if there are 12 of George Chalhoub in the United States, first come first served! Indeed, I didn't give up and pick a mediocre username like georgechalhoub1 or geogechalhoub1994. I Googled a lot, I found a lot of people with similar views but with no result.

"Add a few extra letters or numbers to my name? When did Google+ become AOL?" -

" I keep seeing so much promise with the Google+ social network but it seems every time they take a few steps forward and make it more awesome they take double the amount of steps backwards leaving us without a real reason to totally abandon Facebook and make the move to Google+. Fail." - Dan Levy

"Play fair Google! "Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page." No way. I already know a word that is unique to our site page - +ShopSafe :) " - Jim Munro

I thought a lot about a solution, and here is how I fooled the search giant and registered

The process of fooling the search giant (with all respect) is actually simple:

1) Click on your name, so that you'd be able to edit it, and remove the last three characters of your last name.

2) Refresh and go to the page where you claim your username, you will get this box, add the three characters back left.

Abracadabra! My username is available again, thanks to the search giant, here is my VANITY URL now, Don't forget to edit your name back to your real name!

Important: Businesses and pages who need a URL won't be able to change their names, instead they have to change their website, for example: if your linked website is you remove it from your Google+ page, you go to a domain registrar (like Godaddy) and pick a and link it back and verify it. After verifying it, you pick your desired username  Later, you can re-link your real website!

This only works for ".com" domains. If there are no shorter domains with .com for your site, then I guess you have to wait. What you should do is:

+  Be very active on Google+
+  Change your profile pictures very often.
+  Post more than 20 posts.

+  Gain at least 10 followers

Then try getting your URL.

Final note: Don't mess with Google and try to get a vanity url for any celebrity, business or brand. Not only it is unethical and childish, google might reject it from you; Google said in a statement that "users who change their name to get a new custom URL assignment may result in their profile being reviewed, and the custom URL revoked".