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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Important message about this blog

As for the stalkers, please understand that despite that this being a public space, this is my own personal blog, my own freedom of speech, my own mistakes, my own life-views, my own experiences and my own life. Kindly note, that this blog might have offensive or non-family material such as: pro-homosexuality views - atheist and non-religious views - pro-pornography views - and other controversial views as well.  Feel free to leave this site immediately if you are offended by any of those views and other views as well.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Why is your life so empty?

This article “Why is your life so empty?” was published by Ted Burnett in 2009-2010. It has been taken away from the internet for unknown reasons. But since it is one of my favorite articles of all the time and I thought I'd share it with you. Please appreciate those wise words and read them very carefully. This article may have been altered for display reasons. Enjoy...

Ted Burnett, find his site here.

The following piece was conceived after reading one too many shallow comments posted on my Facebook community scroll by old classmates, acquaintances and complete strangers given the reality of our current world troubles. This piece was written for this same Facebook community. It’s an exercise in writing as much as anything, an opportunity to play with words and express some thoughts. After being posted on Thursday morning the initial reaction has been very positive.

Why is your life so empty? The answer -- You've been lied to your whole life. The trouble all began when your parents brought you home from the hospital. Your role was to fill the void in their marriage, to plug a gaping hole. You did well for a brief time until you became a bundle of problems, yourself. Over the years, they told you who you were and what you would one day become. It was a lie. They insisted that you give up your integrity, dignity and sanity, in order, to live in their house and by their rules. Your needs were repeatedly neglected for their wants. Your childhood was an unhappy one. 

They introduced you to church and convinced you that you were born a sinner. You were told that you needed to perform in some ritual to become a Church member in good standing, before and at the pleasure of the congregation, to purify your already clean soul. The trick worked and worked so well that you kept returning each Sunday morning to hear how you were a sinner and how God was angry with your innocent self. You swallowed the hook, line and sinker. You fell for the spell. 

At the age of four or five years old, you were sent off to elementary school. There you were defined by your attendance, behavior and performance on assignments, papers, tests and exams. You were defined by your grades and ranked, accordingly. It was a lie and you have let it dictate your life ever since. During the first eighteen years of your life you were given a set of beliefs that were rooted in prejudices, fears and illusions, but well-meaning. It was never based in actual experience by any the above. They too were all lies. You are now cut-off from your fellow man by an inflated Ego, from your humanity and now you’re all alone. The world seems like a scary place, but that’s just another illusion. Without integrity, dignity and sanity, you graduated from high school lacking in self-esteem and in self-confidence, both, are critical for having any real success and personal fulfillment. 

Now in your thirties and forties, you’ve never found your talents and it’s finally showing. Without your talents, you won't ever know how to rise up to your full potential and how to reach your destiny. You are not an actor, an artist, a composer, an inventor, a musician, a philosopher, a poet, a sculptor or a writer. You're none of these. Therefore, our society constantly reminds you that your best chance of "success" is in playing some foolish role on your own little stage for the “world” to see. It’s a short-cut straight to hell. Thus, you begin your first act, at the church, getting married to fill a spiritual void. It doesn’t work, so you have a baby to try to fill that same void. It doesn't work, either. 

Over the years, you tell your children who they are and what will become of them one day. You insist that they give up their integrity, dignity and sanity, in order, to live in your house and by your rules. Their needs are repeatedly neglected for your wants. Their childhood is an unhappy one, just like yours was. You tell them to get over it or simply bribe them.

Success, by today’s standard, has been defined as having lots of money, power and fame. It's to appear happily married when you're really not, it’s to drive a luxury car or a big SUV, it’s to live in a McMansion at a prominent address and to send your children to private schools, it’s to be members of the country club or the next best thing in your small mind, it’s to run with all the “right” people who also haven't found their talents nor have they risen to their full potential and found their destiny. It’s all one big lie.

What society is arguing for is a straight-jacket fit to wear. Secondly, our society is anything, but natural. It's completely artificial and built on heavy amounts of brainwashing, conditioning by man's cherished institutions of family, church, school,
"capitalism", "democracy" and society.

It's dysfunctional and we're all drug addicts, as a result, to mask our pain and suffering. This truth is very ugly, but so is cancer. The question is -- Whether we should have the surgery or not? I'm advocating for the surgery, but first we have to agree that it's a cancer that's killing us.

If you fell through this article you're a lucky person especially if your young, do something before it's too late.

This is why your life is so empty. Wake Up! to this truth while you're still young enough to do something about it.

How did you like that display of fireworks?

Have a great day.