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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

University of Saint Joseph student dismissed because she "can kill your babies"

A Lebanese student used Instagram to post an image of her and her friend in an hospital, HDF (Hôtel-Dieu de France). Along with the picture, this caption was found:

Be careful b*tches cz We can kill your babies #OneDay.

The Lebanese audience did not like the expression and it went viral, Mawtoura, a satirical Lebanese Facebook page posted the image and captioned it with:

If garbage doesn't kill your babies, these two mawtouras will.

Apparently, this girl was a nursing major and by this caption she was warning other people to be careful because she has (or soon has) the power to take the life of their children.

Whether it was intended to be a joke or not, Lebanese people were not hesitant unveil her name and report her to the appropriate entity, which was in their university: University of Saint Joseph (USJ).

The french-speaking university later confirmed on its twitter account that the student was dismissed from the university and/or the HDF (Hôtel-Dieu de France); which is a hospital affiliated with the university.

 The tweet translates to:

Thank you @mhijazi for the tag. The girl was dismissed from the HDF.

Was the university decision too extreme?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hezbollah fails to ban The Diary of Anne Frank in Lebanon

Recently, I noticed a  question on Skeptics Stack Exchange, a website for scientific skepticism, asking if the book "The Diary of Anne Frank" is banned in Lebanon because certain prestigious and high-quality journalistic resources said it was. Quote:

According to factslides, a reddit post, Wikipedia, and the Wall Street Journal, the Diary of Anne Frank is banned in Lebanon.

Is the sale, possession, and/or import of the Diary of Anne Frank banned in Lebanon?

Surprised by these sources and this question, I did an extensive research about that to check if the book was banned in Lebanon or not.

It turns out that, in 2010, a private school in Beirut decided to add the diary of Anne Frank to their syllabus because of its literary and historical merits.

The book was translated into Arabic by the Aladdin Project, a Paris-based NGO that aims to spread Holocaust awareness in the Muslim World. 

But, Hezbollah, fearing the humanization of Jews, confusing Jews with Israelis with Zionists, denying the Holocaust, denying the plethora of historical evidence in favor of genocide recognition, and having a host of other moronic excuses, Hezbollah decided to force its will on the school and remove the book. 

Taking the law into its own hands, Hezbollah forced its censorship of this book on that school because of its “pro-Israeli ideologies” which could lead to normalizing ties between Lebanon and its Israeli enemy. That I guess means that any sort of humanization of Jews is pro-Israeli and thus horrible.

The piece of news didn't honestly shock or surprise me. Life in Lebanon is a chaotic mess of sectarian, bigotry, misinformation, human rights, and a heaping pile of stupid. Case in point, certain organizations in Lebanon, labelled as terrorists in the West, want to censor the diary of Anne Frank, the teenaged Jewish girl who lost her life in the Holocaust. She spent her adolescence hiding away from Nazis and death only to be found and killed in concentration camps. Of course, her diary, a recording of the thoughts and feelings of this little girl, is an evil propaganda tool by Israel to create fake pity for Jews: the problem though is that all of this is far being truthful.

I went into further research - to find out that other schoolsinstitutions and libraries didn't ban the book because of Hezbollah's ignorant campaign

Hezbollah failed.

One can easily find the book in the libraries of local universities (LAU and AUB) and the book is available for purchase at local bookstores (Malik’s and Antoine).

Again, Hezbollah failed to ban "The Diary of Anne Frank" in Lebanon. Their logic and claim:

a. The book promotes Zionism
b. Zionism is evil
c. Therefore, ban the book!

Somehow, the fact that this book was censored by one school because of the campaign of one political party, that fact is tantamount to saying that the book is banned in the entire country; but of course, it isn’t. 

Thankfully, some other online news sources picked up on this logical joke (the Huffington Post and the Israeli Ynet). But the fact still remains that certain journals that are supposed to fact-check and provide objective, well-researched, and (to put it bluntly) correct news didn’t do their job. 

I've also 
criticized Wall Street Journal's article for not taking the time to look into the subject and actually say something that was true and followed from the evidence.

As for Hezbollah wanting to ban this work of literature from one school , it is quite sad that they actually got away with it. Anne Frank’s diary is one of the most widely read and tragic books of the 20th century.

It is not a Zionist tool to create false sympathy about a race who “did not have a holocaust”. It is a diary of a little girl who grew up around Nazism, was scared, and wanted to write down her adolescent thoughts on a little diary. She had no intention of publishing her diary because she was killed only three years after she got it.

As for Hezbollah, the fact that it is classified a terrorist organization by multiple international organisations is quite telling. Sure, it runs hospitals and charities to nurture the weak infrastructure of South Lebanon. Its humanitarian activities are respectable and much appreciated. But that does not change the fact that Hezbollah has weapons (and bombs) and plans on using them to kill and massacre other people who they don’t like. They have a stronghold in Dahieh and control a significant section of the Lebanese government. They are a threat to the development of Lebanon and the protection of its people.

Their entire ideology is based on hate, fear, and power-hunger. 

Instead of recognising the fact that Holocaust is a historical reality with a sleuth of evidence and that there is a distinction between anti-Zionism as a political position and anti-Semitism as a racist position, Hezbollah just blindly tells people to hate all Jews, all Israelis, and finds every possible insult or excuse imaginable to justify their position. 

By arguing so, Hezbollah makes their empathy to the Palestinian cause seem fake or at least rash. 

They are too blind sighted by their own emotions and hate to actually try to understand how both these peoples’ lives have been. 

I fear that as Hezbollah continues to have power in Lebanon, the diplomatic future of Lebanon and the quality of life of Arabs in the occupied territories will not improve, but worsen as a backlash from Hezbollah’s poor choices.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How much money does BlogBaladi make a month?

I've been contacted on facebook once by a guy saying that Blog Baladi, a lebanese blog, is really successful and has over 20,000 likes on facebook:

I'm not really interested in Lebanese blogs, they don't mean much to me, though I blog about topics related to Lebanon, this is not what all my posts are.

I find it quite disturbing to post only about Lebanon and not have a bigger picture of what is happening in the world.

Blogs like BlogBaladi post only about Lebanese topics, I would be interested in knowing how money they make monthly.

For people who think that making money online is a lie they need to truly wake up. Those are the statistics of the site as of 20 May 2015, by the time you read this those numbers will be outdated:

  • Alexa Rank: 364,177 (Source: here)
  • Google Indexed Pages: 31,100 (Source: here)
  • Facebook Likes: 22,000 (Source: here)
  • Google PageRank: 4/10 (Source: here)
  • Yandex CY: 10 (Source: here)
  • Similar Web: 532,465 (Source: here)
The site is using:

  • DoubleClick ads.
  • Separate promotion ads.
After all calculations and estimates:

It is plausible to say that blog baladi makes $26.00 daily, which is equivalent to $780 monthly, adding some money from promotions: 

Add $300 monthly.

That would make $1,100 monthly.

Arabs mock an old picture of superstar Ragheb Alama

Ragheb Alama is a famous lebanese popstar, aged 52. Alama began his career in the 1980s when he appeared as a contestant on the talent show broadcast Studio El Fan, on which he received the Platinum Award. One Google search will show you how good looking he is: good hairstyle - elegant clothing - innocent smile, etc...

But, as they say:

You can't hide anything from the internet.

The arab world found an old, and embarrassing page about Ragheb Alama and started a page about it.

The page attracted 30, 000 likes so far, and is growing everyday:

What the page does is nothing special:

it uploads the same embarrassing picture every single day, it never misses.

Originally and obviously this is the picture:

But, the Arab world (especially Lebanese) has got really a sense of humor and started posting photoshopped, allegedly funny versions of this picture. If Arabs proved one thing in this event, it is that they genuinely have a sense of humor. Here are some pictures that I found on the facebook page as comments:

Ragheb Alama as bella in twilight...

An egg splashing on Ragheb Alama's head

Ragheb as being the housekeeper in Tom and Jerry

Ragheb Alama as being a football player

Ragheb Alama as being Super Mario

Ragheb Alama as a member of the Illuminati

Ragheb as being a rich businessman

Ragheb Alama's age on two different days

Ragheb Alama as being a religious Sheikh

Ragheb Alama as being a cameraman

 Ragheb Alama as being an emogi

 Ragheb Alama in the famous selfie Ellen took at the Oscars...
Ragheb Alama as being a soldier

 Ragheb Alama as being all simpsons...

 Ragheb Alama as being a poster in the Russian Government
Ragheb Alama as being Jesse in Breaking Bad. Yo, bitch!

Ragheb Alama lands on the moon...

Ragheb Alama as being a female on the beach...

Ragheb Alama being a football...

Ragheb Alama as being a protagonist in Norbit...

Ragheb Alama & Jerry

When you see it...

Ragheb Alama as being a Mona Lisa...

Only Arabs will understand this...

Ragheb Alama as being a prisoner...

Ragheb Alama as being a pornstar(s) on Brazzers.

Ragheb Alama, running for president in Egypt. Shut up your mouse Alama...

Ragheb Alama in the one hundred dollars bill

Ragheb Alama holding a picture of himself.

Ragheb Alama being a male sperm.

Run away kids...

Ragheb Alama, as being Bella in a new Twilight movie...

President Barack Obama recognizing Ragheb Alama...

Ragheb Alama with his daughter...

Ragheb Alama in GTA (Grand Theft Auto)...

Ragheb Alama, a poster in Simpsons...

Ragheb Alama being a meme...

Ragheb Alama being a coin...

Ragheb Alama enjoying a day at the beach...

When you see it...

 Ragheb Alama with and without makeup...

Ragheb Alama in American Gothic painting...

Help this lady find Ragheb Alama...

Translation: When Ragheb Alama's picture is late from its date to be posted...

Ragheb Alama literally giving a shit...

Ragheb Alama as a song...

Ragheb Alama in FRIENDS...

Ragheb Alama as being a chicken, bak bak...
 Ragheb Alama stars in Tom & Jerry a third time...

Last but not least, Ragheb Alama as a pregnant Kim Kardashian...

After getting 30K likes, the owner of this page started even an instagram page, posting all the parodies. If you laughed and like this post, share it with your friends!