Sunday, June 16, 2019

Technos International Week 2019 - TIW2019 - Daily Blog - Day 8

I will be blogging daily for my journey during Technos International Week 2019. This is day 8 out of day 16: the 16th of June 2019.

For the eighth day, we had a completely free day. We decided to go to Tokyo DisneySea, this day is one of my favourite days.

Google Maps couldn't come up with a journey, so we had to use an alternative:

We got lost in Tokyo Station:

We finally made it:

We were starving, so we grabbed this:

This was shortly before a scary and cool ride. Sadly, I couldn't take any images during the rides:

Shortly before the show planne at 9PM. This place is magical:

The great Disney show:

I'm the second person from  the top left:



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