Saturday, June 15, 2019

Technos International Week 2019 - TIW2019 - Daily Blog - Day 7

I will be blogging daily for my journey during Technos International Week 2019. This is day 7 out of day 15: the 15th of June 2019.

For the seventh day, we were set to leave the accomodation. We cleaned our room, packed our stuff and left the Midori no Mura. Throughout the trip, we visited Shiraito Falls and had Lunch in Yokokawa City. When we arrived back to the hotel, we had free time. 

We started our day with a nice breakfast:

We departed Midori no Mura by coach. We stopped at Shiraito Falls:

We took some nice photos:


I got some snacks and coffee for the way back:

We had lunch in Yokokawa City:

We arrived back to Marroad-Inn Hotel. Apparently, either me or my roomate had forgotten a pair of underwear in the hotel so they gave it back to us:

We had this amazing sweet:

Despite the fact that we were really tired, we headed to Senso-ji:

We got lost a bit in train stations:

We but made it :):

We stopped in a really nice ramen restaurant:

We then went to search for a bubble tea place:

We went back to the train station, this view was on the way:



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