Friday, June 14, 2019

Technos International Week 2019 - TIW2019 - Daily Blog - Day 6

I will be blogging daily for my journey during Technos International Week 2019. This is day 6 out of day 15: the 14th of June 2019.

For the sixth day, we woke up in the accomodation of Midori no Mura. We had breakfast and had scheduled activities in the gym. In the evening, we had a Japanese BBQ-style dinner outside in communal grilling stations. We then tried Japanese fireworks and did karaoke.

We started our day with this nice breakfast: 

We had a lot of gym activities:

We then had lunch:

We played this nice cards game (prepared by Technos students):

We did other activities as well:

We headed later for Japanese-style BBQ:

Those are the group photos we took in Midori No Mura:

We then had some nice fireworks:

And a 2-hour karaoke session:

Here is the schedule that we had throughout this trip:

We stayed in Midori no Mura in the evening and we were to depart the next day. 


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