Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Technos International Week 2019 - TIW2019 - Daily Blog - Day 4

I will be blogging daily for my journey during Technos International Week 2019. This is day 4 out of day 15: the 12th of June 2019.

For the fourth day, all scheduled activities were set to be on Technos campus.We had mainly a discussion of the 'roots' theme, presentations by the Technos students and a sister-school fair. The presentations were very successful. During the sister-school fair, we had to present our college Pembroke to the other Technos students in a carrer-style-fair. 

Hotel breakfast in the morning:

We played a really nice board game!

Students present the 'Rice as the Roots of Japanese Culture':

We got our baseball tickets for new week  (YEAH)!

College lunch:

Carrer-fair starts:

We were seated and waiting for other students to come in:

We got briefed over the Midori no Mura trip:

We took the bus back to the hotel (navigating via Apple Maps):

The official Technos day ended. We can't waste any time in Tokyo so we headed to Shinjuku:

We then went to a sushi place to try some food:

 The city looks great:

We had bubble tea then:

Played some games:

Did also some shopping:

Then I bought my two awesome anime shirts:



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