Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Technos International Week 2019 - TIW2019 - Daily Blog - Day 3

I will be blogging daily for my journey during Technos International Week 2019. This is day 3 out of day 15: the 11th of June 2019.

For the third day, we had Japanese lessons, event orientation and class visits planned. We took the bus in the morning as usual and spent the whole day on campus.

The day started with the usual hotel breakfast:

The TIW2019 event orientation started:

We were given our badges for the Japanese lesson planned by the Technos Japanese Language School:

We then had lunch at Technos cafeteria:

Our names and images were shown on the big screen (cool):

Technos class visits started:

We went back home on the bus:

The official day TIW2019 ended at 15:00, however (we) sister school students went to Shibuya to explore and enjoy the city.

View from inside Starbucks:

Me and my friend headed to an Italian restaurant next:

We wanted to try the place below (but it was closed):

View from the 6th floor:

We went to a nice shop:

We went back (it was a bit packed):



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