Saturday, March 9, 2019

Spending one week in Royal Holloway, University of London

I have to the chance to spend one week in Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) where I attended the module 'Smart Cards' with a friend from Oxford. 'Smart Cards' is module is run by the CDT in Cyber Security at RHUL.

Besides attending the classes, I have done a lot of interesting things during my time in RHUL. RHUL is located in Egham, a small town in the south east of England. It was incredible to spend one week over there and I've had a lot of fun! Here is how my whole trip went (17 February 2019 until 22 February 2019):

Day 1: Arrival at The Hub 

We've arrived at Egham afternoon and took a bus to the RHUL campus:

The campus looked absolutely stunning, entering RHUL: 

Other nice shots:

There is a lot of green on campus, which makes it more beautiful:

RHUL also has great events:

I was extremely impressed by their modern library, which is in a building named Emily Wilding Davison Building. It looked very beautiful and I have studied in it for the rest of the week. The building have had an investment of £57m!

RHUL at night:

I've also visited their beautiful Chapel:

For dinner, we headed to CASPARI, an Italian restaurant:

The meals were really nice:

I was allocated a room at The Hub Guesthouse; a place where they offer guest rooms that look like a hotel. My room was quite small but it had a great view! The location of the room was ideal as it was close to classes and other universities facilities. Here are some photos:

Day 2: First (and long) day of classes 

We've had breakfast in their dining hall, which looked pretty:

The, we headed back to this large lecture room for the module:

Lectures schedule:

As for dinner, we tried Prezzo, another Italian restaurant:

Day 3: Haircut and Shisha

I've had a great haircut on this day, I found  many beautiful places in Egham such as: Strode's College:

The shisha wasn't so good though: 

Day 4: Bar and Breakfast

We had a nice breakfast in the Hall again:

We also tried The Hub Dining Hall, which had a great variety of options:

At night, we met one student from RHUL Cyber Security and had a great time at a pub called The Happy Man:

Day 5: Bowling 

On this day, we went to social event with RHUL Cyber Security people where we did some bowling:

Day 6: Leaving RHUL

We had a really nice breakfast at RHUL Boiler House: 

Last photos in a sunny day at RHUL before leaving:



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