Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Dive Project is finally completed after 8 months of work

diveProject (academia.georgechalhoub.com) is a small non-profit academic project which aims to digitalize, organize, store and host all (or most) of the academic material that I've had during my undergraduate and graduate studies. Course material such as lectures, projects, academic papers or other would be included. diveProject also includes projects developed during my studies which have been developed:

Where are the files?

Projects with a large amount of coding have been uploaded to GitHub and linked from within the website, whereas the static files (Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents or other) have been uploaded and stored on a cloud bucket provided by the Google Cloud Platform (Accessible from this domain: cdn.georgechalhoub.com).

How is the website structured?

Apart from the main homepage, the website has a 'courses' page with a list of all courses (or modules). Each course title can be clicked and has his own separate page.

How it was it made?

The website application itself is hosted by GitHub and is a heavily modified version of a Github Pages template for academic websites. The template I've used was forked (then detached) by Stuart Geiger from the Minimal Mistakes Jekyll Theme, which is © 2016 Michael Rose and released under the MIT License.

On the other side, a small Python script was written to upload and format the academic files that were download from Google Drive. The Python script is called dive.py and is available in the repository, here is a snippet:

Open Source or Closed Source?

The source code of diveProject is open-source and it can be found on this URL here: https://github.com/georgechalhoub/georgechalhoub.github.io. There is no guarantee the source code stays open and public but it is expected to stay open source at the moment.

How much time it took?

I started on this project at Southampton University during a class. According to GitHub, the course pages have been being edited for about 7-8 months ago, here is a snapshot below:

Drawing the red line...

Copyrighted files such as books and research papers were not uploaded nor included in this project. Other confidential or sensitive files (mostly belonging to other classmates) were not included either. 

Moving on...

More files will be uploaded from my studies at Oxford. Meanwhile, I'll be taking a small break from this project.



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