Friday, September 21, 2018

Review and reflection of Fox TV Show Gotham


I have been watching Gotham for quite some time now. Two weeks ago, I finished this highly ranked show while I was still at Southampton:

So far, this has been a breathtaking series that never managed to get me bored while watching. Here is the plot:

'Plot Jim Gordon is a rising detective in corrupt Gotham City, where his late father was a successful district attorney. Brave, honest and determined to prove himself, Jim hopes to return the city to the glamorous, purer version he remembers as a child. He and his partner, legendary Detective Harvey Bullock, must navigate the dirty politics of Gotham's justice system, even as they tackle a high-profile case, the murder of billionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne. Gordon becomes a friend to their young orphan, Bruce.'

Here are some interesting aspects of the show I found:

What I liked the most

I loved mainly the villains of this show. Characters such as Fish Mooney, Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), Hugo Strange, Tabitha Galavan and The Joker made the show very entertaining. 

What I hated the most

At some point, death meant nothing in the show. Characters constantly died and were revived (For example Master Bruce's butler). Science Fiction  (e.g cloning) overwhelmed the show after Season 1 and it made it slightly uncomfortable for me to watch.

The relationship between Harvey Dent and Detective Gordon

Harvey is lazy, corrupt, can be bribed and bought by higher ranked members while Gordon is righteous and rarely breaks the rules. Harvey and Gordon make a phenomenal detective team and both fully trust each other.

The Barbara Keen Flipping

Barbara Keen was a very innocent, sweet and loving character in Season 1. However, her engagement to Gordon caused her to be targetted by a highly effective psychopath who forced her murder her parents and turn into her 'dark side'. The character changed by 360°, the comparison of Barabara between season 1 and 4 is astounding.

Master Bruce and His Butler

After Bruce Wayne's parents get killed in Season 1. Bruce, a child, has no one to take care of him but his Butler, Alfred. Their relationship is very sweet and Bruce's Butler Alfred takes good care of him throughout the show. Only Alfred calls Bruce with 'Master' and this article tries to explain what it means. Bruce fires his Butler twice, the first time after he smashes his computer and the second after they engage in a fight.

Jerome Valeska's Madness

Jerome is probably the craziest villain of this show. He is full of surprises. Jerome Valeska was portrayed as a victimized boy at the beginning of the show and surprisingly, it was revealed that he killed his mother when confronted by Gordon in an investigation. The rest is history. Jerome has no interest in money, power or control over Gotham, he only likes to create chaos, terror and fear. Gordan kills Jerome in Season 4. 

The Penguin

Or Oswald Cobblepot. He is my favourite character in the whole show. Oswald starts as Fish Mooney's umbrella boy and servant. He would literally massage her feet and do whatever she says but at, some point he flips and snitches on her to Gordan and they become enemies. Penguin eventually becomes very powerful in Season 4.

The Riddler

Or Edward Nygma, this character was very interesting. No one would have thought that an innocent and shy character like Nygma would turn into a psychotic cold-blooded murder. Eventually, it can be seen that Edward Nygma has two different personalities: one of a cold-blooded murder and one of a shy innocent guy.

Penguin and Nygma's conflict

The Penguin and Nygma were close friends but end up trying to murder each other after a huge conflict that occurs. Penguin apparently had a romantic crush on Nygma, and before Penguin expresses his feelings, Nygma meets and falls in love with a sweet lady. In return, Penguin murders Nygma's new lover. Eventually, Nygma realizes what happens and tries to kill Penguin. The cycle goes back and forth but they do reconcile at the end of Season 4.

Sofia Falcone

This is one of the worst characters in the show and I'm glad she's almost dead (coma) after being shot by Gordon's ex-girlfriend. Sofia murdered her own father, kidnapped a child, wanted to initiate a war, hired the Pyg and smashed the hand of Gordon's ex-girlfriend. She's been lying for almost all show.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best and most remarkable shows I have ever seen, there is a lot yet to talk about but I'll stick to that. FOX productions are legendary as usual and I can't wait for Season 4 which will probably air in Summer 2019. Hopefully, I'll be able to stream it legally in the UK.

Oh, and I'll drop this song from the Pyg. In that scene, the Pyg forces the elites of Gotham to eat human flesh of people he had murdered:



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