Sunday, September 30, 2018

Fasting for 38 Hours

In the past four (or five) months in Southampton, I've been following an eating pattern which is known as intermittent fasting. I've dropped from 186 pounds to 145 pounds but this is not the only reason why I love this eating pattern. I basically intend on permanently keeping my eating lifestyle based on intermittent fasting. There is detailed blog planned about my experience with intermittent fasting, however, this blog illustrates my experience with fasting for 38 hours straight.

The maximum number of days fasting I did was 24 hours but never have I fasted for 38 hours.

During my fast, only water is allowed (no coffee or tea or anything else). My fast started on Saturday at 00:00 2018 and ended on Sunday at 14:00. During the fast, there are generally no cravings as the body enters a fat-burning mode. Other than that, it was pretty simple and easy.

Some might think I'm insane but fasting has numerous health benefits if done correctly and properly.


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