Wednesday, August 15, 2018

6 Types of Academic Plagiarists

Plagiarism is defined as using a work that doesn't belong to you. Here are the 6 most common types of academic plagiarism I know:

1. The malicious plagiarist: This is the plagiarist who copies stuff word from word and adds it to his report without giving any single fuck. This generally works in highschools and when presenting work that doesn't get checked by Turnitin and another plagiarism checker.

2. The smart plagiarist: This is the plagiarist who hires someone to do his or her work on their behalf. This is too common in college and students generally get away with it because there is no way for the instructor/lecturer to know. One way to avoid this is to ask students to write some sample work at the beginning of the semester and store a copy of it. You can compare the work together and ask the student to resubmit their work.

3. The translator plagiarist: This is the student who plagiaries a work made in a different language than the original one required. If the assignment was due to be delivered in English, they find a Chinese, Arabic, Russian article and they simply translate it and submit it. TurnItIn might be able to detect this sort of plagiarism, but you may need to contact them to make sure.

4. The Innocent plagiarist: This is the student who quotes and paraphrases one paragraph or two from elsewhere without realizing they need to reference it. This comes due to ignorance, and innocents shouldn't be heavily punished for making such a mistake (An academic warning would do).

5. The Self-Plagiarist: This is the student who resubmits his previous work. This usually works if the previous work isn't submitted on TurnItIn and generally there is no way for the instructor to know.

6. The Group Plagiarist: This is very common and the most underrated type of academic plagiarism. This is a student who is in a group project and does minimal to no contribution to work. His name is submitted and he gets equal marks to his classmates. This can be resolved if the instructor makes all a group members sign a mark distribution sheet at the end.


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