Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dear Apple thank you for giving me a new iPhone 7 for free

For the third time in a row, Apple has provided a solution for my iPhone problem for free. The problem with my beloved iPhone 7 started when I upgraded to iOS 8. That moment, the Home Button stopped working. The rest is history.

Once my home button got broken, I took it to the Apple Store in Southampton and was furious; and the Apple guru said that this is a hardware problem. I was puzzled, and I told him 'that is not reasonable since it stopped working after I upgraded to iOS 8'; however, the apple guru responded with 'it is a coincidence'.

Eventually, Apple Store was able to fix my phone by replacing it with both a new screen and a new home button. You can't replace only the home button since it seems to all come within one piece.

However, that repair was free because my iPhone was under warranty. The other issue started when I was in Lebanon, and my iPhone's screen decided to stop working. It kept on blacking out and showing weird colours until the screen stopped working entirely.

But at that point, my iPhone's warranty had already expired, so I thought I had to pay for the repair. However, the Apple Guru informed me that the screen they replaced not too long ago is still under the 90-days warranty. And he informed that the repair would be free.

I was really happy, and I was asked to come a few hours later to pick up my phone since the repair is done on the same day.

When I got back later, another Apple Guru came to me and informed that the issue with my screen being completely black persisted even with a new changed screen, and then I thought 'I was really f*cked' until the Apple Guru handed me a new iPhone 7 black and apologised for not being able to fix my phone.

The Apple Guru informed me that since the screen was still under warranty, I have to pay nothing and here I am with a new iPhone 7!

They took the broken iPhone but luckily it was backed up entirely to the iCloud so all my data, photos and phone settings would transfer to the new iPhone.

Thank you Apple for your professionalism and phenomenal customer support.


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