Saturday, February 4, 2017

Why I hate pop-under adveristments

I have written this blog for the public but especially for my assistant to illustrate to him why popunders suck.

Ever since 2017 started, one of my major websites witnessed a significant decline in its traffic. In fact, it lost over 30% to 40% of daily traffic. I was outraged, puzzled and obsessed. For days, I kept obsessing and thinking about this decline to find out a solution for this decline.

I have enjoyed a troubled, but stable relationship with pop-under advertisement networks since 2014. For almost 2 years, I have have been a customer to the most major pop-under advertisement networks, in fact, I think I've tried every popunder network you can think of, the networks are:
  • PopAds
  • PopCash 
  • Adsterra
  • ClickAdu
  • Propellerads
  • AdMaven
  • HilltopAds
There are probably other pop-under advertisement networks I had accounts with but forgot to list; nonetheless, those companies/websites made tons of money in 2014 - 2015 - 2016 as it was their time of rise.  Here are the main reasons why I hate  with popunder advertisements:

Malicious Advertisements, Viruses, and Scams

I have received many complaints about the quality of popunder advertisements being opened, where a lot of people alleged that the popups have tried to install pure viruses or unwanted software. I have personally witnessed "Get Rich Quick" scam themes, websites that were blacklisted by Chrome as "dangerous & deceptive", websites of my competitors, and endless advertised content with no value. I have very much contacted the advertisement managers and complained to no avail. You will always a bunch of amoral advertisers looking to spread of virus or malware to make money out of your clean traffic. 

Bad User Experience

This is one of the main reasons why I hate pop-under advertisements. Internet consumers like me completely abhor and oppose popunder advertisements and tend to close them as soon as they open. They're usually annoying because they hinder the user experience and stop his focus and engagement on the website by opening unwanted popups. 

Unethical popunder network

Popunder networks usually control your current eCPM and raise it or lower it for absolutely no valid reason whatsoever. One popunder network (I will not name) reported less number impressions instead of reporting the actual number. It was pretty obvious. Around 39,000 impressions were not reported. I completely ditched the network afterward. Other networks incredibly lower eCPM for no reason after realizing that you're dependent on their network. Once day you're 3.1, the other you're 0.9.

You're never in control

For most popunder advertisements, you don't control who bids on your website and who doesn't. You don't control the average eCPM that you desire to put. You have no idea how pop impressions are counted and if they are counted correctly. You have no idea if the network will ban you from the program the next day or not. You have no idea if the advertisement will contain malware/viruses or not. You have no idea how it is affecting the user experience and if users are ditching your site or whatever. You don't control anything, they control you. 

It is selling your website

Popups are easiest ways to make money off a website but they're the cheapest way. It is a quick weak fix that will pay you temporarily money until you realize that those pops are harming your business, especially on mobile where they have become incredibly unsupported (and almost tantamount) to redirecting your website to another one (aka, selling your website for cheap). 


Popunder advertisements make money but so do drugs. I have enjoyed a 5-figures monthly income from popunder advertisements but eventually, I got sick of them and planning to ditch them when the budget permits. Not everything that makes money is good as it might destroy you in the long term. Google  hated popunder advertisements in the past and they were never integrated into the Adsense program and I completely understand and respect their decision.

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  1. I also get annoyed when these malicious pops come between my favourite play. I really need a solution now to get rid of these pops.