Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Starting 2017 with the "Nordic" template on this blog

I have recently realized how much I started to hate complicated blogging themes that are full of animations, design and javascript loaded that slows down the page, although I used them for years.

But I have recently realized I want something very simple, a clean cut design that lets u focus on content instead of anything else. I have been very lucky to find "Nordic" template, an immaculate template that was originally designed for Wordpress (a PHP-based slow and vulnerable blogging platform that I dislike) but later converted to Blogger (the robust and secure cloud blogging platform hosted and acquired by Google Inc.)

What I really liked about the Blogger version of the template is that pictures do not show on the main page (which has been an issue in the past).

Simplicity is key. As you see on the right, it is incredibly simple, clean and symmetric. Extremely useful to look at as well it looks well organized. 

By default, around 13 posts are originally posted on the main page, and they're all taking the same size (unlike what you see with other templates).

The share buttons are clean and work efficiently as well.  In some other models, they used to cause lots of headaches because they needed confirmation; and some templates required external add-on libraries.

The search bar looks decent and is hidden by default. But you can toggle it from the button on the right and the search page results. Social media icons are also provided by default on the right.

The page is responsive as well, and it can quickly shrink. There is no need to upload a separate template for mobile (as the option is already provided by Blogger). So the work that needs to be done is minimal.

The hamburger icon automatically appears on the left which is vital to use on the mobile.

Checking the publicly available blog on the service "Am I responsive?" illustrates that the blog looks incredible well on most major portable devices. 

It is worth mentioning that half of the internet's traffic comes from mobile. The mobile may and most likely will be the dominant source of traffic in the future as the people tend to visit websites from mobile devices instead of laptops.

Mobile responsiveness is not luxury but a prerequisite. 

Other than that: individual blog post pages - comments, footer, and other stuff are very well made.

According to a prominent speed test tool Pingdom, the site's load time is on average 1.11s (which is not really excellent but average). The template has no dependencies and doesn't request any additional external libraries.



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