Tuesday, May 5, 2015

12 reasons you should always use CloudFlare

Who would have thought that in this huge internet revolution, there would be a free unlimited CDN service? No one! Today, in 2015 there is a free CDN service and it works great.

It is the one and only... CloudFlare.

CloudFlare, a US-based company headquartered in California, which provides a content delivery network service. Its network protects, speeds up, and improves availability for a website or mobile application with a simple change in DNS.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider linking your website to CloudFlare.

-1- It's free.
You already knew that from the introduction. Cloudflare could save you hundreds of TBs, millions of requests, provides you security and protection and boost up your site and it's all absolutely for free. This is the first reason why you should consider CloudFlare. While more advanced options cost money, it isn't really important for you can run your website with a free version of CloudFlare.

CloudFlare has many competitors like MAXCDN and others, but they charge you per TB whereas on CloudFlare it is free.

-2- It is easy to setup
Here is an experiment you should do, say those words loudly:
  • One, two, three, one, two, three, drink
  • One, two, three, one, two, three, drink
How hard was that? Yeah, exactly. CloudFlare is as easy to setup as singing those words. No rocket science needed, no programming skills needed, no credit card needed, get started in less than 5 minutes.

All you have to first is input your domain in the text field, then you can follow easy instructions, and change the nameservers in your registrar; heck even CloudFlare will copy your DNS settings automatically. You site will be running through CloudFlare and boosted up in less than 5 minutes.

-3- It protects you against attacks
CloudFlare does automatically protect you against any a denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed
denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. You will sleep at night knowing that threats will be handled and blocked by CloudFlare.

CloudFlare on the next day will show you all the threats they have blocked. Imagine if you were actually unprotected and you suffer from a DDoS attack. Dog help you then.

CloudFlare reported that it uses the collective intelligence of its community to get smarter. CloudFlare’s network learns from every new attack and then shares that information with the rest of the CloudFlare community. That means new threat gets recognized in CloudFlare for future attacks.

-4- It speeds up your website
On average, a website on CloudFlare loads twice as fast, uses 60% less bandwidth and has 65% fewer requests. 

It automatically activates asynchronous resource loading, force aggressive GZIP, auto-minimize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files everywhere.

It also distribute all your tiny files to all their servers around the globe (CDN), speeding your website to the extreme maximum, all that for free.

-5- It has great and reliable analytics
You think Google Analytics are the best and the most efficient way to track your analytics? Think again! CloudFlare analytics simply rock and they overcome normal analytics like Google Analytics.

Cloudflare are 100% confident in the hits and unique visitors numbers on CloudFlare are better than Google Analytics, and have the raw logs to back them up. 

-6- One-Click install app
You can install many apps for me within one-clikc, for example you can install Google Analytics, submit your site to webmasters.

Some apps include: Infolinks, Pingdom, Vukkle, Smart Errors, Panopta, GamaSec, Dakwak, CodeGuard, Better Browser, etc...

-7- Your server's IP will be hidden
Many of you would like to have their privacy, right? There are 59,423 services online which are dedicated in revealing who is the server company hosting your content. 

Without CloudFlare, assuming you've turned on the gray tick, no one will reveal your true server's IP or your server's host

-8- Your site will stay online when your server goes offline
Unless you're Google, Facebook or Amazon, your server will go down; there is no escape about it.

Cloudflare's Always Online keeps your site available even if your server goes down. If your server goes down, CloudFlare will serve your site's most popular pages from their cache. As soon as your server comes back online, CloudFlare will move users back to regular browsing.

-9- Free, secured, updated, one-click install HTTPS certificate
Would you believe it if I tell you with one-click you can install and activate the https certificate? You don't need to configure anything with your server, nor install or uninstall anything. Your site will have a working and fast https certificate which gets automatically updated online.

You can also choose between Flexible SSL, Full SSL, Full SSL (Strict).
Cloudflare also uses Universal SSL.

-10- Set page rules easily in your website 
You can forward, set a custom cache level and exclude certain CloudFlare settings and apps. You can force https on certain links, bypass cache on other links, and change hundreds of settings like forwarding, custom caching, expire TTL, always online, apps, performance, mirage 2, rocket loader, security, SSL, security check, browser integrity check, etc...

-11- Get help when you're under attack
While CloudFlare automatically blocks normal attacks and normal threats. Some users target you, and they won't stop until they exhaust your website and turn it down. CloudFlare helps you with the "Under Attack Mode".  Advanced and complicated security features you find them on Amazon and Google only. This feature is really great, though you might have to upgrade your account. 

-12- Take CloudFlare anywhere with you
With the unofficial app iFlare, available on the App Store, you can configure your account,  view analytics and take CloudFlare with you wherever you go. It costs only 1$ but it is all worth it.

iTunes description for the app is: iFlare for CloudFlare™ makes it easy to manage your CloudFlare™ account with your iPhone.


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