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Tom Odell - Long Way Down [Review]

I am known to be a music addict, who listens to almost any type of music, I get attached to some albums and I hate some other albums. But there are some albums which leave a trace in my heart, they mark their existence, those albums are legendary for me and I would never forget them.

Among those albums there is this album by Tom Odell called Long Way Down. Odell composed all the songs, he's one of the greatest musicians and songwriters I have ever known. This indie pop album is legendary, unique, soft and professional. It just shows how genuine Tom Odell is.

I will review the album song by song.

Track 1: Grow Old With Me
This song has already its wikipedia page. It is very romantic, starting with: "I can feel you breathing, with your hair on my skin, as we lie here within the night." It has been criticized for having a sexual context when he said "Make me hard, make me cum". Obviously, this is a song about being in love with someone and having a good relationship.

Track 2: Hold Me

"Hold Me" was written by Francis Anthony Eg White, Tom Odell. It is a great track, it has its own music video here. This song is also happy; it is about Tom being genuinely in love with someone, his vocals explode in this song especially at this part: "When you hold me, hold me in your arms, oh when you hold me, I can feel your heart, oh when you hold me, when you hold me in your arms, oh when you hold me, yeah I can feel your heart beating".

Track 3: Another Love
My favorite song in the album. This is main, most famous and successful track of this album. Another Love is a piece of art, a song which I would never forget. It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. If I want to list in a list of one of my favorite songs of all the time, it would be among the top 5. It has been covered thousands of times, and sang into more than 10 music competitions.  Unlike the first two songs, it is a sad song featuring an angelic voice with a broken heart. It has been featured on the Vampire Diaries. In the song, he talks about feeling love for one of his past partners, and how he can't feel about anything anymore for his current love, "another love, all my tears have been used up on another love, another love, all my tears have been used". you".

Track 4: I know
Great song, in this one his partner has dumped him making it ‘all over’, however in the verses he is still romanticising their relationship and the joy he found in the partner. Tom is portraying the present and the past: highlighting the contradiction between the two. He goes on saying "I know that you told, I know that it's all over, and I know I can't keep calling, that everytime I can keep on falling on you".

Track 5: Sense
This is a very calm and low song, being the longest track in the album, at a length of 4 minutes and 25 seconds.

Track 6: Can't Pretend
Good song also. Tom says "Love, I have wounds, only you can mend, you can mend. I guess that's love, I can't pretend, I can't pretend."

Track 7: Till I Lost
My fourth favorite song in the album. Tom jumps from a low song to very high and energetic song, full of life and energy. It makes you reach a level of chills when he says "But ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I didn't see the sea until I crossed, ohhhhhhhhh, and I didn't feel your love until I lost". Of course, he means that he didn't appreciate his love until he have moved on just as I have ignored many things along the way that were precious and beautiful. It is a very euphoric, and hot song!

Track 8: Supposed to Be
Odell goes to being calm again. I've got to admit this is my least favorite of this album. In the song, he's reminiscing the memories he had with a girl, saying it was always supposed to be like that and nothing could change.

Track 9: Long Way Down
Amazing song also. It is the title track of Tom Odell's debut album. He's begging his partner not to leave, "It's a long way down, you know it's a long way down, feels like a long way down, love it feels like a long way down, so honey don't leave, don't leave, please don't leave me now".

Track 10: Sirens
Euphoric song too. Odell is hearing only Sirens. The hook goes here "Or we'll be, all run run running away, we'll be, all run run running away, all run run running away, when sirens they come our way". This song did not get the justice it deserves as far as I am concerned.  He wants to run away with his love obviously in this song.

Track 11: I Think It's Going To Rain Today
Odell goes back to being calm again. This song plays only on piano. This is a very sad and depressive song by Tom, he says in it "Lonely, lonely, tin can at my feet, think I'll kick it down the street, that's the way to treat a friend, bright before me the signs implore me, to help the needy and show them the way, human kindness is overflowing, and I think it's going to rain today".

Track 12: Storm
My second favorite song of the album, I have overdosed on it and listened to it more than 1,000 times at least. Three minutes and 9 seconds of pure euphoria and unique melody, something you have never listened to before.  After "I need one of these storms, One of these storms, One of these storms, To wash me clean". Really great track.

Track 13: Heal
Tom Odell's heal is my third favorite song of this album. When I feel low I listen to it, it is very romantic, calm and sad. It has been featured at the end of the movie If I Stay, where the song left everyone with tears.

And that's my review for Tom Odell's Long Way Down. One should really buy a physical version of the album instead of downloading tracks online, because the album had inside a text books of lyrics of songs written by Tom:
What a great album.


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