Monday, February 2, 2015

Richard Dawkins reads his hate mail on VIDEO!

One week ago, I saw a viral video called "Love Letters to Richard Dawkins" on YouTube, uploaded by the channel Richard Dawkins Foundations for Reason & Science.

The video is extremely funny makes you laugh a lot (especially if you are atheist).

It starts like this:

Then Mr. Dawkins starts reading the hate mail, take a look.

What you can conclude is the following:

  • God is not love, obviously.
  • Many Christians do not respect their other people, and attack them.
  • Some of the emails wished death to Richard Dawkins, this shows what religion teaches to people, hatred and hatred.
  • Richard Dawkins does care at all about the haters, he actually finds their emails funny.
Apparently this is not the only video made by Richard Dawkins about the hate mail, other videos exist too:

This one too:


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