Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Make one mistake and you might lose everything.

It is amazing how one mistake in this could make you lose everything. All it could take is a fraction of a second, and you would lose everything.

Get caught cheating on your wife/girlfriend/spouse only once after years of attachment, and you will lose your engagement.

Work 10 years with Google Adsense, make thousands of dollars with them, monetize your site, and violate their terms one time only, and you will get banned from Adsense forever without a possibility of getting back into the system.

Upload a nude picture on your facebook profile, and your profile would be disabled permanently.

Get caught cheating in Harvard university test or take-home exam and you will get kicked out.

Chat on whatsapp while you're driving at 200 km/hour and your life will probably end.

Drop your new iPhone 6 in the water, and it is dead.

It takes only one instant, one fraction of a second to mess up and everything would end, be careful!


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