Monday, February 2, 2015

A most violent is year (2014) is one of the worst movies ever

A most violent year is one of the worst movies I have ever seen all my life. Literally, it is as boring as watching a turned-off television. Starting at the source code, and examining it would be more entertaining. It is one of the worst ever made movies, with barely a story to follow. I believe it is extremely overrated too.

When I went with two of my friends (a couple), yesterday, we thought this is going to be a good movie, because it had a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 90%, say what? We were like damn, this has better rating than Taken 3 (2015) or even the Great Gatsby (2013).

Not even Titanic (1997) has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 90%, but this movie surprisingly do.

Since I am a skeptical, I hardly doubt those ratings are real, I hardly think production has not paid some people to manipulate Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Firstly, this movie does not at all deserve to be on cinemas, it does not deserve to be on television, it is not worth any money at all.

Secondly, this movie has been classified wrong! It is not a drama, action & thriller movie as implied in some websites. It is a drama movie only with no action or thriller at all.

Thirdly, this movie costed $20 million dollars of production and it won $3.2 million dollars (that's too much for such a movie). I'm not surprised such movie ended with a loss, but I am surprised it costed $20 million dollars. The number seems extremely huge since only few trucks have been crashed in the movie, there are not too many actors, 20 million is too much.

I'd like to also note that it has a rating of R. Also the MPAA rating is wrong, because the movie has 0 rape scenes, has 0 torture scenes, barely a graphic language ("f*ck", "b*tch") only, and it has no strong violent scenes, it shows 0 wounds from any gunshots.

This movie is a bummer and should not be watched by anyone.



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