Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to block Pirate Kings requests on facebook

Two years ago, it was Candy Crush, you get excited for a facebook notification and it turns out there is another annoying notification for Candy Crush. I would consider it literally spam, I hate it how facebook is allowing app developers to spam us with those notifications. People should not waste their time playing with addictive, useless, games like Candy Crush.

Now, it is time for the new worthless app of the year: Pirate Kings. This how you how to block all notifications of Pirate Kings from your facebook.

Fast solution: Log in to your facebook, go to, scroll down to the part where it says Block Apps, and add the useless app Pirate Kings.

Detailed solution (for dummies):

Step 1: Click on this arrow, and go to settings.

Step 2: Click on blocking. It should be listed on the left-panel under the facebook logo.

Step 3: Go to block apps, if you have blocked apps already you should see them listed.

Step 4: Add the pirate kings app. It will add automatically. Refresh browser and you're done.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Make one mistake and you might lose everything.

It is amazing how one mistake in this could make you lose everything. All it could take is a fraction of a second, and you would lose everything.

Get caught cheating on your wife/girlfriend/spouse only once after years of attachment, and you will lose your engagement.

Work 10 years with Google Adsense, make thousands of dollars with them, monetize your site, and violate their terms one time only, and you will get banned from Adsense forever without a possibility of getting back into the system.

Upload a nude picture on your facebook profile, and your profile would be disabled permanently.

Get caught cheating in Harvard university test or take-home exam and you will get kicked out.

Chat on whatsapp while you're driving at 200 km/hour and your life will probably end.

Drop your new iPhone 6 in the water, and it is dead.

It takes only one instant, one fraction of a second to mess up and everything would end, be careful!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dailymotion Cloud is retiring (And why it failed)

As of April 26, 2014, Dailymotion Cloud is going to suicide and the service will be permanently dead. There is no doubt that Dailymotion Cloud failed rigidly, and hardly. I've been a customer for a couple of months, and I can safely say Dailymotion Cloud's service was an expensive, with poor support, and unprofessional.

I've read on their websites, that they won't pay back any money back already paid for Dailymotion Cloud.

This is the message posted on forums:

As of April 12, 2015, the Dailymotion Cloud service will no longer be provided as a stand-alone solution. However, all Cloud customers can now join the Partner Program and get access to powerful features for free based on Dailymotion's expertise : live encoding with DVR and recording, advanced audience and revenue statistics, video editing tools, and so much more.

Apparently, their Partner Program offered a similar service and it was all for free. However, having your videos posted on their Partner Program is not different than having your videos hosted on YouTube Partner Program.

But, free is not always free here, DailyMotion owns your videos and monetizes them through Google Adsense.

DailyMotion is still a video tube, not so different than YouTube (it can be called a clone of YouTube, of course without including YouTube's design).

Google is still indeed always a winner, since they monetize their YouTube clone with Google ads too. 

If you own a tube site, self-hosted is always a better solution for independence, and better search engine optimization. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

A most violent is year (2014) is one of the worst movies ever

A most violent year is one of the worst movies I have ever seen all my life. Literally, it is as boring as watching a turned-off television. Starting at the source code, and examining it would be more entertaining. It is one of the worst ever made movies, with barely a story to follow. I believe it is extremely overrated too.

When I went with two of my friends (a couple), yesterday, we thought this is going to be a good movie, because it had a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 90%, say what? We were like damn, this has better rating than Taken 3 (2015) or even the Great Gatsby (2013).

Not even Titanic (1997) has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 90%, but this movie surprisingly do.

Since I am a skeptical, I hardly doubt those ratings are real, I hardly think production has not paid some people to manipulate Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Firstly, this movie does not at all deserve to be on cinemas, it does not deserve to be on television, it is not worth any money at all.

Secondly, this movie has been classified wrong! It is not a drama, action & thriller movie as implied in some websites. It is a drama movie only with no action or thriller at all.

Thirdly, this movie costed $20 million dollars of production and it won $3.2 million dollars (that's too much for such a movie). I'm not surprised such movie ended with a loss, but I am surprised it costed $20 million dollars. The number seems extremely huge since only few trucks have been crashed in the movie, there are not too many actors, 20 million is too much.

I'd like to also note that it has a rating of R. Also the MPAA rating is wrong, because the movie has 0 rape scenes, has 0 torture scenes, barely a graphic language ("f*ck", "b*tch") only, and it has no strong violent scenes, it shows 0 wounds from any gunshots.

This movie is a bummer and should not be watched by anyone.


Richard Dawkins reads his hate mail on VIDEO!

One week ago, I saw a viral video called "Love Letters to Richard Dawkins" on YouTube, uploaded by the channel Richard Dawkins Foundations for Reason & Science.

The video is extremely funny makes you laugh a lot (especially if you are atheist).

It starts like this:

Then Mr. Dawkins starts reading the hate mail, take a look.

What you can conclude is the following:

  • God is not love, obviously.
  • Many Christians do not respect their other people, and attack them.
  • Some of the emails wished death to Richard Dawkins, this shows what religion teaches to people, hatred and hatred.
  • Richard Dawkins does care at all about the haters, he actually finds their emails funny.
Apparently this is not the only video made by Richard Dawkins about the hate mail, other videos exist too:

This one too: