Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to respond to someone when they tell you to "Get a life"?

Sometimes, many insecure people tell a member of their family or their friends to get a life, implying that the person they're insulting does not have an interesting life or does not have a social life or even does not have friends at all.

The phrase get a life is pretty common, and many times you just want to respond back to them,  just for revenge or even to make them shut up. Here is a list of comebacks (or responses) I gathered online to help you shut the haters:

1) I had one before starting this conversation with you.

2) Can you tell me where you got yours so I know where not to shop for it?

3) But what if I get one, and it's as screwed up as yours?

4) Get a brain.

5) When did you get a time machine? Where are you from? About 1996 right?

6) If your conversation is online, you can send them this meme:
7) Well, since you're not using yours, can I have it?

8) Oh, thank you. [Send a smile.]. Get a life too, you badly need it, trust me.

9) Sure. Where do you rent yours from?

10) I have one and it is better than yours.

11) Whatever.

12) What! Like yours? No thanks.

13) Get a better insult.

14) I have one, I'm just stuck arguying with your ignorance.

15) Get laid.

16) Pffft. Lives are for noobs. Real men sit at a computer all day and scream to eachother in text.

17) You mean like yours? No thanks, I'll pass.


Yes, 18 is empty. You can simply ignore them.