Saturday, December 27, 2014

Why any service with the word "Cloud" is EPIC

A stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things. And one new stereotype which I started to believe is that any service with the word Cloud in it would be definitely an epic and awesome service. I'll start by giving somes example.

1. CloudFlare
I would be no surprise to say that CloudFlare is one of the greatest CDNs ever existed in the history. For you can use it by paying literally nothing, it can filter out hundreds of attacks against, as well as displaying Google Analytics on every page and giving you analytics. CloudFlare caches all of your content (small static files) for free, and it also speeds up your website by 60%. Their interface is the of the simplest interfaces I have ever seen. CloudFlare is amazing.

2. Cloudinary
Cloudinary would be one of the most famous Image Management platforms ever. What would Cloudinary do is that host all of your images on Akamaii, the top image provider (used by Facebook). Cloudinary has easy-to-absorb API, with SDKs for most programming language. Cloudinary automatically optimizes your photos and you can crop, and manipulate your photo just by changing the link. Without also forgetting, the cute dashboard offered by cloudinary. In short, they make your life easier and their support is amazing also. They have a monthly free plan which would suit any startup.

3. Cloudfront
Cloudfront would be one of the most famous services of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a company
created by Amazon. Amazon Web Services is indeed the leading cloud (and infrastrucuture) provider and their professional Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cloudfront would take the top. You can get started in 60 seconds, and guess what? The limit is only the sky. You can use as many bandwidth as you like. On their prices page, they even put prices for 5PB (1,000,000 TB) of bandwidth.

4. DailyMotion Cloud
While I criticized them in a previous post and I wasn't happy as a customer. DailyMotion Cloud is very appealing Video Cloud Host. They host and encode millions of videos since 2005 and they stream more than 2 billion videos per month. Their cloud based video infrastructure is designed to suite any size of video library. The only problem is that their prices are extremely expensive.

5. iCloud
While every three days one news agency claim that it has been hacked, iCloud is one appealing service offered by Apple.  You can save your iPhone backups, contacts, mail, calendar, settings, pages, there. Apple has been aggressive protecting the security of iCloud after the claims that iCloud has been hacked and it leaked nude pictures of celebrities. Look at the source code in Chrome (view-source: Indeed, I wouldn't blame Apple for protecting the security of iCloud. I personally do not like hackers.

Indeed, in our new age of internet spread, with the billions of page views giving to adult websites, and the trillions of search queries sent to google search engine yearly, cloud services are becoming more and more inevitable - all to entertain, serve, or inform the masses.

Know any other service with the world "Cloud" it below, state it in a comment.


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