Sunday, November 30, 2014

Here's why you should NEVER use DailyMotion Cloud is YouTube's greatest competitior. It is one of the biggest video platforms in the world. is simply a copycat of the functionalities of YouTube with a different design, not more. The only difference is that DailyMotion is bombarded with four ads on each video while YouTube isn't.

DailyMotion was founded in March 2005 by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey, the site had its time, then on 10 January 2013 it was bought by Orange for 123 Million euro which equals to 150 million dollars

Soon, Orange launched the new product, Dailymotion Cloud, will let anyone upload and host their videos in a fully customizable video player. Dailymotion Cloud will basically handle everything from encoding to delivery, and includes support for DRM and advertising, as well as real-time analytics and the ability to syndicate to third-party video sites.

Great, right? Not really. I've tried Dailymotion Cloud for 4 months and I regret every single minute spent on this platform. Here's why you should never use it.

1. You will pay 10 times more than you should normally pay Yes, that's right. Any plan looks very expensive. If you look at the business plan, you would have to pay 750$ monthly to host 700 GB of storage and 7000 streaming hours which is almost equivalent to 1,050 GB of monthly bandwidth (assuming each hour costs 150 MB of streaming). This is more than expensive if you compare DailyMotion cloud to their competitors. Try to compare them to SproutVideo, you will see that with just 400$ you will get 3,200 GB of storage and 1,600 GB of bandwidth per month! Without forgetting also that Dailymotion Cloud is 10x more expensive that its competitors including WisitaViddler, and Brightcove.

2. Your website will slows your website with extra 6 seconds.
Based on my experience, Dailymotion Cloud slowed down my website load time with 6 seconds. (A website which loads more in than 2 seconds seconds is considered slow). It is cause by the thumbnails generated by DailyMotion cloud. Thumbnails are distributed from one location, not in any CDN, and connecting to any DNS would take 6 seconds. Here's a screenshot:  

Thumbnails are not cached also, it lowered my google pagespeed Insights rank:

3. Worst customer support in the world
Guess what happened when I messaged them about the thumbnails problem? 

    It took them 20 days to say this:

4. The DailyMotion Cloud player CEO will hurt you Google Rankings so bad.
Unlike any other video services, you will not the actual code of the player, only an iframe.  This is all you'll get:

According to this article,
The content in an iframe is not considered part of the parent page.
This would be pretty bad for any SEO purposes, Google might not consider your video as one of your page. If someone embeds your video, ranks higher not your webiste, this would be extremely harmful to your website.

5. Your videos won't get any buffering bar.
They use adaptive streaming which is some new technology, however users will not get any buffering bar, even if they have a slow internet connection.

In conclusion, there is no reason to use Dailymotion Cloud. There are trillions of alternatives.


  1. Another really important reason not to use DailyMotion Cloud is that they are closing their doors on April 15th! Here is more information about the DMCloud platform closure, and a custom import tool that SproutVideo, the company I work for, built to help DMCloud users seamlessly transfer their content to our platform without lifting a finger:

    PS We are very grateful to have been included in your article - would it be possible to correct the spelling of our company name?

    1. Absolutely agree with you. They are closing because their project failed.

      The spelling has been corrected.

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