Sunday, November 30, 2014

Here's why you should NEVER use DailyMotion Cloud is YouTube's greatest competitior. It is one of the biggest video platforms in the world. is simply a copycat of the functionalities of YouTube with a different design, not more. The only difference is that DailyMotion is bombarded with four ads on each video while YouTube isn't.

DailyMotion was founded in March 2005 by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey, the site had its time, then on 10 January 2013 it was bought by Orange for 123 Million euro which equals to 150 million dollars

Soon, Orange launched the new product, Dailymotion Cloud, will let anyone upload and host their videos in a fully customizable video player. Dailymotion Cloud will basically handle everything from encoding to delivery, and includes support for DRM and advertising, as well as real-time analytics and the ability to syndicate to third-party video sites.

Great, right? Not really. I've tried Dailymotion Cloud for 4 months and I regret every single minute spent on this platform. Here's why you should never use it.

1. You will pay 10 times more than you should normally pay Yes, that's right. Any plan looks very expensive. If you look at the business plan, you would have to pay 750$ monthly to host 700 GB of storage and 7000 streaming hours which is almost equivalent to 1,050 GB of monthly bandwidth (assuming each hour costs 150 MB of streaming). This is more than expensive if you compare DailyMotion cloud to their competitors. Try to compare them to SproutVideo, you will see that with just 400$ you will get 3,200 GB of storage and 1,600 GB of bandwidth per month! Without forgetting also that Dailymotion Cloud is 10x more expensive that its competitors including WisitaViddler, and Brightcove.

2. Your website will slows your website with extra 6 seconds.
Based on my experience, Dailymotion Cloud slowed down my website load time with 6 seconds. (A website which loads more in than 2 seconds seconds is considered slow). It is cause by the thumbnails generated by DailyMotion cloud. Thumbnails are distributed from one location, not in any CDN, and connecting to any DNS would take 6 seconds. Here's a screenshot:  

Thumbnails are not cached also, it lowered my google pagespeed Insights rank:

3. Worst customer support in the world
Guess what happened when I messaged them about the thumbnails problem? 

    It took them 20 days to say this:

4. The DailyMotion Cloud player CEO will hurt you Google Rankings so bad.
Unlike any other video services, you will not the actual code of the player, only an iframe.  This is all you'll get:

According to this article,
The content in an iframe is not considered part of the parent page.
This would be pretty bad for any SEO purposes, Google might not consider your video as one of your page. If someone embeds your video, ranks higher not your webiste, this would be extremely harmful to your website.

5. Your videos won't get any buffering bar.
They use adaptive streaming which is some new technology, however users will not get any buffering bar, even if they have a slow internet connection.

In conclusion, there is no reason to use Dailymotion Cloud. There are trillions of alternatives.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Courage the Cowardly dog show is a sad show

Courage the cowardly dog is my favorite cartoon show and courage is my favorite cartoon character of all the time.  It was written, produced, and created by American animator John R. Dilworth.  The show is about a dog named Courage and his owners, Muriel and Eustace, facing rather strange and supernatural creatures in their home in The Middle of Nowhere (fictional Nowhere, KS). Courage the Cowardly Dog is very much known for its surrealism and sense of horror more than its humor. The show was canceled on November 22, 2002. Despite the show's reputation of it being comedy/horror, I can remember sad episodes and moments:

  • Observe the relationship between Eustace and his mother, both of them cruel, cold people. Eustace is the way he is due to his mother, and, if one episode in particular is anything to go by, his mother was made this way by a loved one too. Two of the biggest rude and impolite people in the show are the result of a cycle of abuse.

  • Remembrance of Courage Past episode: which shows how Courage met Muriel. Especially with the revelation that his parents were put on a rocket and shot into space by a sadistic vet, with Courage outside the rocket trying to stop it. He escapes the vet by going down a trash chute and you see him land in a dumpster, and he waves to the rocket flying away. Muriel finds courage with panties crying near the garbage and she adopts him

  • The Curse of Shirley, where a hallucinating Eustace takes pity on a young version of himself. Eustace, by all means the biggest selfish jerk ever portrayed on any Cartoon Network show. Eustace: "No hat? That's not right, little boy without a... a little boy should have a hat." It's even more sad if you consider that Eustace was seeing this through a mirror that was meant to show one's true self. It was broken beforehand, but it may have been shown that Eustace is, deep down inside, a sad man who lashes out at everyone due to a painful childhood.

  • The Queen Of the Black Puddle, a ghastly woman charms Eustace and takes him to her world, and no surprisingly, Courage doesn't give a damn, and he has all the right not to. But he then sees how Muriel is devastated by having her husband taken from her, crying her heart out, and Courage realizes he'd rather put up with Eustace's crap for the rest of his life than to see his benevolent owner suffer. The episode makes it very clear (or sad) to see that Courage saves Eustace, even though he doesn't deserve it, because his love for Muriel spoke louder than his dislike of Eustace.

  • The Hunchback of Nowhere: A lonely and deformed hunchback goes from door to door just seeking shelter only to be called ugly or a freak by everyone, including Eustace, and having them slam the door in his face. He and Courage build a friendship that's both heartwarming and as Courage shows the poor soul kindness for once in his life. And the climax only adds to this: as Courage and the Hunchback put on a show for Muriel, Eustace tries to ruin it. The Hunchback's response? He puts on a Eustace mask and forces him to see himself for who he is, which is only more heartrending when you realize that it's not just Eustace: it's for all the people who have said he's just a freak.

  • Now the saddest episode of courage the cowardly dog is this one, without doubt it is the most thematic, dark, and realistic episode of the show: The Mask.  The episode is a perfect example of how this show is not just for kids, it portrays several serious themes, such as feminismdomestic abuseprostitution, and homosexuality.  A mysterious cat named Kitty, dressed in a strange white mask, finds Courage's place, sits on dinner,  explaining that her friend Bunny is being abused by a gangster dog named Mad Dog, and that she hates dog.  Kitty tried to get Bunny to run away with her but Mad Dog finds out and tries to kill KittyKitty takes out her rage on Courage (Who is also a dog). Courage ends up rescuing Bunny from Mad Dog and reuniting her with an unmasked KittyKitty’s last line is: “I was wrong, Bunny. Not all dogs are bad. Now we can be best friends forever.” Kitty's hatred for dogs and Bunny's abuse are strong elements, and the most grim the series has seen. Replace the word “Dog” with “Man” and re-read the above, you will see the main message is clear. This episode is about more than the implied lesbian relationship between Kitty and Bunny. It’s about hiding from reality, about domestic violence, it’s about acceptance, and it’s about hate crimes.  

  • Now, the most creepy character in the show is indeed is Fred, featured in one episode which portrays two dark themes, rape and pedophilia.  Fred is Muriel’s nephew and a barber (a crazy one at that as it says on his wristband). He has an unusual obsession with shaving hair, which might be an indicator of a rapist. What makes him a pedophile is that he does forcefully shaves Courage in the bathroom where you hear a background music which turns into children singing in a creepy fashion. Second, he speaks in rhymes and mostly ends his thoughts with the word “naughty.”  He even has a poem, which got pulled off from courage wikia, because it sounded a lot naughty. This show is just not for kids.

I will forever love Courage. It is still one of the most well-made cartoons I've ever seen all my life, and definitely deserving of multiple awards; truly, it's a masterpiece. This topic was originally opened here.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The dark side of Sia's chandelier

First I would like to say that Sia's chandelier is one of my favorite s top-10 songs of all the time. I am a heavy and obsessed music consumer. I have passion for music more than anything.

When I first heard Sia's chandelier, I was in my car, driving to our private beach resort. It just hit me, and I felt a mixture of emotions listening to this song. 

I have never felt emotional for any song, ever; like I did for this one. It was written by Sia Furler and Jesse Shatkin.

My first reaction when I saw the video was this, on facebook:

So, I digged a deeper research about the artist and the song, and I extracted the Official real meaning of this song.

Apparently, Sia wrote official annotations on rap genius's website, those are the lyrics:

Party girls don't get hurt
Can’t feel anything, when will I learn
I push it down, push it down
I'm the one "for a good time call"
Phone’s blowin' up, ringin' my doorbell
I feel the love, feel the love

Party girls don't get hurt: This song begins talking about party girls who can't feel anything while partying  due to the effect of "alcohol" or "drugs". So, they are shielded,  well, at least until the drug wears off.

Can’t feel anything, when will I learn, I push it down, push it down: Sia said "suppression of fear through self medication".  What she meant is clear, drinking more alcohol to hide your pain. She's also blaming herself  for not getting the lesson: "when will I learn".

I'm the one for a good time call. Phone’s blowin' up, ringin' my doorbell: Party people taking her up in party inviting her for bed-times. "Ringing my doorbell" has its own sexual connotations obviously. It still doesn't feel good since she gives her body away to strangers for some limited good time.

1 2 3, 1 2 3, drink
1 2 3, 1 2 3, drink
1 2 3, 1 2 3, drink
Throw 'em back till I lose count

1 2 3, 1 2 3, drink: Sia's is drinking more alcohol, and frequently. You gotta hear this part with her angelic and passionate voice. It's just astonishing!

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier
From the chandelier
I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist
Like it doesn't exist
I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night
Feel my tears as they dry, I -
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier
From the chandelier

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier: Sia said she had never did that, but its sounds so much fun.

But I'm holding on for dear life
Won't look down, won't open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light
Cause I'm just holding on for tonight
Help me, I'm holding on for dear life
Won't look down, won't open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light
Cause I'm just holding on for tonight
On for tonight

[Verse 2]
Sun is up, I'm a mess
Gotta get out now, gotta run from this
Here comes the shame, here comes the shame

The rest is really sad and a bit obvious. Sia's drinking herself almost to death all the night and doesn't look at the consequences. She then wakes up having a hangover, and here comes the shame.

Conclusion: This song is about Sia's addiction with alcoholism. It is so personal for Sia that she decided to not give it away to other artists (such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna).

The dark side:


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why college education is a scam

Sorry of this offends you. This posts targets American colleges and the american educational system only.

It’s ironic parents, teachers or even famous folks, are telling the children, “higher paying jobs are the way to go”. Point being, are we taught from a young age, “money = success" ?

The suicide rate of my generation (teenage) is the highest in the world and suicidal kids are rich for the most part.  The college mental health crisis is rising, it is severe. Why do you think is that?

If I had an honest conversation with college it would be like this:

University: Learn this stuff by heart.

Me: Why?

University: Because I told you.

Me: Will it be useful in the career I'm aspiring to get?

University: Not at all. You'll forget all of it 0.14232 seconds after you're done vomiting up on the exam.

Me: Why learn it this way then?

University: Because I'm an archaic system that used to have a monopoly on the production of knowledge but that has been unable to evolve with contemporary society. By the way your bill's ready. Pay up, sucker; you want that magical piece of paper at the end of your program, don't you?

Me: A magical piece of paper that will get me into a 9-5 job jive where it make someone else rich and lead to a path of mediocrity. Not to mention that you're taking the  most fresh years of my life, just getting sucked-up by lazy instructors and lifeless material that I will forget after one week of taking the exam!

University: Right! You need to have a certain kind of brain to understand the dead language that we write and teach you in textbooks, but we brainwash you form the little kid up, so that you buy into the system; and you get good grades, and you study hard and you become a member of the total system.

University: You don't know how to think because we told you how to think our way! It was a lie and we have let it dictate your life ever since.


During the first eighteen (highschool) years of our lives, we were given a set of beliefs that were rooted in prejudices, fears and illusions. It was never based in actual experience by any the above. They too were all lies. We fell for the spell. We were rewarded based on a punished based on meeting the approval of other's people standards not our own.

The educational system taught us, as we were growing up,  to be rewarded and punished based on meeting the approval of other people’s standards, not our own. Make good grades. Take advanced courses. Play on the sports teams. Score high on standardized tests. These metrics make for a productive workforce but not a happy workforce.

Let me explain, a kid who is excited about cars is going to have a hell much better time learning about math and physics if they can be put in the context that he cares about.

But if he isn't responsible for the why of what he is leaning, then he's not learning physics and math, he's learning how to fake it and make someone else happy.

According to surveys in U.S. News and World Report,  
80% of “high-achieving” high school students admit to cheating.
51% of high school students did not believe cheating was wrong.
95% of cheating high school students said that they had not been detected.
75% of college students admitted cheating, and 90% of college students didn't believe cheaters would be caught.
Almost 85% of college students said cheating was necessary to get ahead.

Do you know why?

Your system is performance-based and not purpose-based. It teaches mimicry and not passion.

It’s to satisfy somebody else’s standard. Probably, a future employer? It didn't evolve.

Cellphone evolution:


College evolution:

How many times growing up did you ever hear students complain: 

This is pointless. Why do I have to learn this?

And, they would still learn it. And probably never use it in college. They get trained to become performance-based employees. Workers who don't think.

This will never lead to any one's self-satisfaction.  This is called spiritual suicide.

That's why academia completely and utterly is worthless for any person who desires to reach his or her full potential.

The emphasis on success as external performance is a vestige in this industrial age — it molded us, kids, teenagers, and adults into pliant worker bees, not happy individuals. It doesn't make sense anymore.

College nowadays forces their authority on students. 

Making the student dependent on authority, focusing on performance over purpose, is a main core foundation of academia. It kills thinking. It promotes mindless parroting and inane certainty. It keeps crap TV on the air.

Do you know how the American educational system work

According to my experience, I can safely say that:

  • College's traditional basic skills are out of date. Communication has shifted and now revolves around different technology such as the mobile phone, the internet, games playing. Student adept at understanding, interaction, communication, but in different forms; but college didn't! 

  • College forces a student at 18 years old to pick a future career from that young age. College expects that all teens know what they want to study in.

  • College makes students memorize page after page technical words and theories without having to understand them. Or worse, you make us have to use them in sentences and deduct points when we don't copy the textbook's phrases word for word.

  • College makes students  study and study and study so in-depth and so narrowly that they have we no context of how it relates to anything else.

Higher education today has become a money making machine for lazy professors and administrators.

Counter-argument: But, I don't want my doctor to be self-taught. Without a college degree, how can anyone be a doctor?

This also applies to teachers, engineers, accountants, architects, librarians, lawyers, pharmacists, medical technicians, IT professionals, etc... -  those are all jobs that typically require a college degree from the employers and the government.

But, you don't seem to be getting the point, that I'm not against education, I'm against the educational system. It has to be changed, because it is destroying education, and the evidence is showing.

While enrolling in a college education will give you a background about the profession, and give you a piece of paper showing you've been an academic slave, it will make it efficient for you to work, it will model you into being a worker bee, and besides most people get any degree for moneystatus, or making dad or mom's dream come true ; and you know that. Rarely, college students enroll or study a field because they're interested in it.

Besides, you really learn when you start practicing your profession.

The way that most of teachers teach, and the educational system makes students hate learning. Classes have turned into an extravagant, pointless, ugly desire to get the "A". Less social disapproval coupled with increased competition for admission into universities and graduate schools has made us more willing to do whatever it takes to get the A. The "A", that pointless letter.

Students are trained only to think inside the box, this is proven by the rigid architecture in our entire education system that forces students to take certain courses that most will never apply in their life or in their careers, ie. Physics, Calculus Algebra, Geometry etc.

Instead of focusing on a child's aptitude at an early age and pushing them toward a career path with courses that are tailor-made for their future careers, students are pushed into a 1,000 year-old anecdotal non-sense belief system that encourages students to waste time taking courses to be "become more well-rounded".

At worse, grad school forces a student to choose one topic to study in insane depth and to choose a topic that basically conformed to the topics people had been choosing to research for decades and decades already. And instead of coming up with grand new ideas,  they spend my time parsing out some tiny little angle on the same goddamned idea people had been writing about for decades.

They force them to specialize, specialize, specialize. It will drive the poor academic student batshit crazy. Rather than getting smarter and more educated, the student will be learning more than they will ever wanted to know (and more than anyone else would ever want to know) about one tiny aspect of something. They're not getting smarter. They're becoming an uber-specialist on something that’s so detailed that no one but you is going to care about.

That’s not important work. That’s pointless mental masturbation.

Doesn't this to relate why Millennials are unemployed, underemployed and headed for disaster?

Success, by today’s standard, has been defined as having lots of worthless degrees, money, power and fame. It's to appear happily employed when you're really not, it’s to drive a luxury car or a big SUV, it’s to live in a McMansion at a prominent address and to send your children to private schools, it’s to be members of the country club or the next best thing in your small mind, it’s to run with all the “right” people with worthless degree and big college debts who also haven't found their talents nor have they risen to their full potential and found their destiny. It’s all one big lie.

Our teachers are brainwashed and we need to do something about it.

We need real education instead of schooling, indoctrination where they you give a degree only for being an obedient idiot.

Quite everyone is interested in something, everyone is genius in something, but the "educational" system we have kills our creativity in early age and makes homogeneous drones, internally struggling all our life because of a fake education forcing lifeless education material. It's a control system that has been holding us back for ages. 

The question that we should be asking ourselves, students, is the more profound one: "Given that we do exist, what are we going to accomplish with our existence?" Right now, we are largely squandering our existence because we never ask ourselves this question as a species.

A common logical question one can ask is, "Why am I going to college?" Given these information, we can now answer the question definitively: There is no "reason" to go to college and pursue a degree. You can learn anything online. It's time we stop aiming for degrees and pieces of paper.

The question that we should be asking ourselves is simple: What is our goal as a species? We are, potentially, the only intelligent species in the entire universe. What are we going to do with our existence? Are we going to waste our time in college pursuing a degree and A's? Have you ever considered it?