Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to fool Google+ and get your exact username!

Usernames are serious business, they're your identity and your presence online. Celebrities and companies buy their username on hundreds of social media websites to pick their identity and prevent confusion. For example, you can find "Google" on, and The username-picking game is a pain-in-the-ass if someone else has picked your username, a username such as or is not appealing. It has became a simple name-picking game! Some people and organizations push further to buy their trademarks and claim their usernames through some e-lawsuits.

So, today morning, the search giant informed me that my profile is eligible for a username. Yeeyy! As I rushed to pick my exact username georgechalhoub and not georgechalhoub1, mrs. Google breaks down the news.

"Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page."

No, no and no! I'm sorry Google but I want my own unique username. I don't care if there are 12 of George Chalhoub in the United States, first come first served! Indeed, I didn't give up and pick a mediocre username like georgechalhoub1 or geogechalhoub1994. I Googled a lot, I found a lot of people with similar views but with no result.

"Add a few extra letters or numbers to my name? When did Google+ become AOL?" -

" I keep seeing so much promise with the Google+ social network but it seems every time they take a few steps forward and make it more awesome they take double the amount of steps backwards leaving us without a real reason to totally abandon Facebook and make the move to Google+. Fail." - Dan Levy

"Play fair Google! "Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page." No way. I already know a word that is unique to our site page - +ShopSafe :) " - Jim Munro

I thought a lot about a solution, and here is how I fooled the search giant and registered

The process of fooling the search giant (with all respect) is actually simple:

1) Click on your name, so that you'd be able to edit it, and remove the last three characters of your last name.

2) Refresh and go to the page where you claim your username, you will get this box, add the three characters back left.

Abracadabra! My username is available again, thanks to the search giant, here is my VANITY URL now, Don't forget to edit your name back to your real name!

Important: Businesses and pages who need a URL won't be able to change their names, instead they have to change their website, for example: if your linked website is you remove it from your Google+ page, you go to a domain registrar (like Godaddy) and pick a and link it back and verify it. After verifying it, you pick your desired username  Later, you can re-link your real website!

This only works for ".com" domains. If there are no shorter domains with .com for your site, then I guess you have to wait. What you should do is:

+  Be very active on Google+
+  Change your profile pictures very often.
+  Post more than 20 posts.

+  Gain at least 10 followers

Then try getting your URL.

Final note: Don't mess with Google and try to get a vanity url for any celebrity, business or brand. Not only it is unethical and childish, google might reject it from you; Google said in a statement that "users who change their name to get a new custom URL assignment may result in their profile being reviewed, and the custom URL revoked".


Friday, February 14, 2014

Lebanese Youth takes Advantage of Jackie Chamoun's Case to get Naked

BEIRUT - Lebanese presenter Joe Maalouf steals the Lebanese Audience with his new exciting show "7ki Jelis". His show is dedicated to uncovering truths through investigation about illegal, erroneous, immoral events or organisations in Lebanon. During his show, Maalouf discussed Jackie Chamoun's case, and here is the story:

Lebanese beloved skier Jackie Chamoun shot some nudes three years ago; after a while Al-Jadeed Television published the news and labeled it as "scandal".Then, our sport minister got offended, and started investigating her case in order to prevent "harming Lebanon’s reputation and international participation". Joe Maalouf stood up with Jackie during his show, along with 81% of all the Lebanese people. I personally stood up with her, but I didn't give her any importance as there are many profoundly immoral and malevolent worse cases in Lebanon, such as:

  • Dog fights
  • Abuse and murder of women
  • Men beating their wives to death (and walking free)
  • Outdated Lebanese law
  • Children passing away at hospital doors 
  • Al-Mekdad announcing a live kidnapping on LBC
  • Corruption being the daily habbit of every minister
  • Bombs happening every two weeks
  • And so on...

Guess which case got the Lebanese people attention? Jackie Chamoun's case - outrageous!

Campaign attracted 17K Lebanese People

To support Ms. Chamoun, many of our Lebanese people got undressed under #stripForJackie hashtag campaign. They even started a webpage "I am not naked!" and created "I am not naked!" events (where they all party naked to support Jackie). All this effort and work done for someone who doesn't even care, as Chamoun clarified her position instantly and said, “Yes, I did photos for an Austrian ski calendar with other professional athletes three years ago. The photos of the photo shoot are not like the actual images that are now circulating on the net. The video and photos that you are now seeing are part of the making of.” She's okay with that, and she moved on, and she doesn't even care about our culture.

A snapshot of people getting nude to support Jackie's case

But why are the Lebanese youth so obsessed with Jackie? Don't they ever walk in Hamra's street? Don't they notice the hungry, abused kids there? Don't they know how many kids die on hospital doors? Don't they know Tripoli is a live version of Call of Duty meets Counter Strike? Do they know Al-Assir and his hateful speeches are broadcasted live on TV? Don't they know Al-Mekdad called LBC and announced a live kidnapping? Why did they take notice of Jackie and not other worse cases in Lebanon? Why not campaign for the poor people who die everyday on the streets? Why not campaign for the bombing, abuse, murder, rape of women? Why not campaign for the Lebanese outdated law that puts homosexuals in jail? I'll tell you why, because they don't give two shits about Jackie. They just found a reason to post nudes pictures about themselves, get some attention and let go of their privacy. Welcome to our culture! My generation is a generation that craves attention, make loud and inappropriate appearances, exaggerate their behaviors and emotions, and crave stimulation. My generation is one that is addicted to the dopamine-related urges of attention. My generation gets naked for a successful Lebanese skier (who barely knows what is the capital of Lebanon), yet they meet hundreds of poor KIDS in the street and ignore them! In fact, my generation just wanted to get naked and hijack their reward system with some chemical reactions of attention.

Welcome to Lebanon!