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Friday, April 17, 2015

The Islamic answer that got me banned from

There is no doubt that I love contributing to and I absolutely love this website. I have bought the domain name so that it behaves like a URL shortner.

There comes the muslim question asking if pedophilia allowed and practiced in Islam?

I have had the guts to answer it, but it was very badly received and perceived. My answer received numerous flags as offensive, it had muslims checking it, it received insults and everything.

I will allow myself to post it on since Google supports freedom of expression, though I am not sure if it will cause any troubles.

Not only the team of deleted the answer/question from, they requested the removal of the page from Google cache, to get rid of the question/answer.

Fortunately, bing had has it in cache here, you can go and read it. I also requested to save it on wayback machine here, in case the team had it removed from bing cache.

My closest friend called me an "ass" when reading the answer, many people agreed and disagreed.

So, here you go.

The question:

My answer:


1) One person attacked my answer and called me a troll.

I wish I did screenshot his answer, but it was very low-quality with weak arguments like "Are you serious?", etc...

I don't have the answer, I wish I did. But, anyway.

After his answer, I got angry and started giving him my opinion.

2) Moderators deleted all my comments, without any exception.

I had every comment deleted to silence me and my objective answer, without any exception. The attacking-answer against me was kept alive for 2 days where all my comments have been deleted me. Only one moderator had the guts to talk to me which is Oddthinking, the rest didn't dare to address me. 

As you see in the screenshot, they ask me questions, I respond; but all my comments get deleted.

3) Moderators accused me of sockpuppeting without showing evidence.
Moderators said that I have created the account (and other accounts) which asked the question about Islam and Pedophilia and that account is giving me upvotes to gain reputation points.

It is like saying, 

Mr. Chalhoub, you are accused of murder and you be punished by going to prison but we can't show you the evidence because it is anonymous.

We won't tell who you killed, how you killed, where you killed him.

We're sorry but we can't show you the evidence, now go to prison.

What a disgrace, this is the email.

They have declined to show evidence.

4) Moderators have deleted the question and answer. 

5) Moderators threatened me with deleting my account. 

6) Moderators removed 200 reputation points from my account.

Didn't affect me a lot though, I can get the 180 reputation points back easily. 

7) Moderators finally banned my account for 7 days.

8) I have banned me from answering any type of questions (even after the ban).

That's right. I can't answer any type of questions, even after the ban. This decision was probably put on me to prevent me from getting reputation points or to simply to tell me "george, go away!".

The ban can be revoked with time, and I'm sure I will revoke it in few days:

As you see in the image, not only I have been banned suspended but I have been banned from answering.

After all those actions taken against me, I wanted to delete my account and stop contributing to, but then I realized that I've been doing exceptionally well on skeptics. I have numerous viral answers,  I am the number one skeptic of the year on leaderboard.

I wanted to delete my account, but I changed my mind, I'm staying there against all moderators, to contribute and keep promoting scientific skepticism, nothing will stop from contributing to

They might be jealous because I've been the number 1 member of the year on leaderboard or maybe because I've had viral and exceptional answers, but I don't really care; I'm not concerned with what other think of me.

I'm not quitting.